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Bespoke Development

Exceptional standards which will surpass your expectations.

Robust, solid and tailor-made IT design & development solutions, using the latest technology and best practices that meet the needs of your business exactly


Bespoke Development involves designing and developing a software application to meet the needs of your business exactly.

The alternative is an off-the-shelf solution or software package that’s been previously developed for the mass market, which while cheaper to purchase initially, can often be less effective, cost money to tweak, and be more expensive in the long term.

Bespoke solutions need not be expensive to develop and tend not to have annual licensing costs or per user fees. Additionally, when developed and deployed correctly they can really help organisations achieve their IT objectives.

At PSP we focus on you and your processes in order to understand your business. This allows us to specify, design and build a fit-for-purpose solution that will address your needs exactly.

Because your business is unique, so an off-the-shelf solution is unlikely to fully meet the needs of your business.

Many companies who buy off-the-shelf solutions can often find they are making changes before it’s even been installed.

With a bespoke solution you do not have to make your business fit the functionality of a packaged solution. A bespoke solution ensures that your IT meets the needs of your business.

Having your own bespoke IT system means your utilising technology more effectively, giving you a real competitive edge. The benefits are many:

  • Built around your business needs
  • Built to communicate with your back office systems
  • More cost effective I the long term - no license fees
  • Ownership – it’s your solution
  • Customisable – can adapt it to suit your changing business needs

We have a highly skilled team of business analysts who will assist in the development of your functional specification, identifying the non-value added activities that need to be automated.

We have experience in many sectors developing bespoke databases and systems for aerospace, automotive, aerosol, education sector and the textile industry to mention a few.

Our bespoke IT system developments have covered the following areas:

  • MRP System
  • Capacity Planning System
  • Sales Management System
  • CRM System
  • Bar Coded Tractability and Tracking Systems
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Bid Management Application
  • Manufacturing Production Booking System
  • Sales Management Data Warehouse


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