Design - and - Rebranding

Design and Rebranding

Exceptional standards which will surpass your expectations.

In-house Digital Design and Rebranding ensures your IT applications successfully communicate and extend your brand identity and brand values


Your brand is important to us, that’s why PSP have invested in creating a unique design team that understands how to represent your brand and extend it as part of the IT design process.

Whether it’s a new product website, an intranet or a CRM system that we’re building for you, it’s important to consider how your new IT application communicates your brand to the end user. Creating or protecting your brand, with clear sign-posting and consistent messaging goes hand in hand with IT design.

IT applications are ultimately designed to save money or increase revenues and rely on users or an audience engaging with them. In short, your visual identity is key to the adoption of your IT applications and therefore central to our development process. Creating a clean, well sign-posted website for example, that’s intuitive to use and built with your target audience in mind would be vital to its successful role our and uptake.

Ensuring that you create a strong brand to support your new IT application. PSP will protect your brand - new or established and effectively communicate your brand values through digital design, maximising the impact and return you get from your IT applications.

PSP have an experienced design team who know the importance of a brand to a business. Our designers can create a new brand image for your IT applications, working with your marketing team to understand your brand values and build a new brand line or new identity completely.

Our design team know how to protect an established brand, we’ll following your brand guidelines and ensure we get your sign off every step of the way.

  • Re-branded, responsive websites
  • Creation of digital assets – logos and web graphics
  • Wireframes that conform to your brand guidelines
  • Consistent messaging across your digital portfolio
  • SharePoint branding

So rest assured your brand is safe in our hands.


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