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  • Title: SharePoint Intranet
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, Rebranding and Design, SharePoint
  • Company: North Kesteven District Council
  • Year: 2014


North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) identified a need to improve internal communications and document management with a new Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Intranet. Their current Intranet had been in place for many years and no longer met the requirements of their organisation.

The following were the client's requirements:

  • New redesigned homepage
  • Department / team page template
  • SharePoint document libraries
  • Quick links
  • Project workspaces


The first part of this project was to meet with the client to write a detailed specification covering all requirements and expectations. This process was completed through a number of onsite workshops, presentations and conference calls.

PSP worked closely with NKDC during the redesign of the homepage to maintain key elements which were still required from the current Intranet such as the carousel item, news and quick links. As part of this, PSP created a new SharePoint master page for the NKDC Intranet which adopted an orange theme, and following this the client named their Intranet ‘The Orange.’

The Homepage redesign was an important aspect of the project for NKDC stakeholders to ensure they were able to provide important information to their employees on one page.

A carousel control was used on the homepage to save space, provide a visual element to the page and provide a small amount of description text to encourage staff members to read the notice. The carousel control was driven by a SharePoint list which allows users to enter the name, image, text and button link, and the order in which the item appears in the carousel.  To create interest the carousel control was also set to rotate each item every 10 seconds.

The quick links control was another area of the Intranet which PSP developed for the client. A standard SharePoint list drives the items and the user can select a category to set the link to. The links could be internal and external to the Intranet. The link categories display on the homepage, and when clicked on, the categories open a pop-up window allowing the user to then see the set of links within each category.

SharePoint Sub-Sites
As part of this project PSP created sub-site templates inside Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to allow NKDC to create as many Service Areas as required.  Each Service Area and Team page had its own news content, quick links to key areas of the Intranet site, and calendars. News was setup to be tailored to show on the main homepage at the choice of the content editor, as well as the actual site it was created under.

The Team site template included a control which PSP developed specifically for NKDC. It pulled in the team members including profile picture, from the SharePoint My Site, and the member’s name and job title from the Active Directory. The developed control checks the name of the team sub-site against the department field in Active Directory, and making sure there is an exact match, the member will display.  

NKDC were also keen to include a Help area on their Intranet to centralise user guides/work instructions, and a question and answers section which uses the standard Microsoft SharePoint 2013 discussion forum functionality.

Project Workspaces
PSP also setup the ability for NKDC to use and create the standard Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Project Workspaces functionality. With a click of a button the Project Workspaces could be automatically styled as per the NKDC master page. Project Workspaces are out-of-the-box site templates for Microsoft SharePoint 2013. It includes a default Project Summary which allows the team manager to keep track of their own and their team's tasks and store documents related just to a specific project. It also creates a specific Newsfeed to allow updates to be added as the project progresses. 


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