Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Development

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Responsive web development is a single website that accommodates all devices, offering an optimal tailored viewing experience across all screen sizes including smartphones and tablets


Everyone uses the internet in different ways, accessing content from a wide variety of devices and platforms. A website that looks great on a desktop with a large monitor, may not look so good when accessed on a smartphone or tablet.

With responsive web development, the website detects the screen size of the viewing device and outputs the website content to fit that screen size perfectly.

Websites created with a responsive design consist of flexible images and fluid grids that automatically adapt in layout to suit device you are viewing it on.
The demand for responsive website development is becoming greater as tablet and smartphone sales are evermore increasing.

Google state that Responsive Web Design is a "recommended mobile configuration and industry best practice". From April 2015 mobile SEO has been a page ranking factor on Google search "...Websites not deemed mobile-friendly will be dropped down the search rankings, dramatically reducing the number of visitors..."

If your website is not responsively designed you may lose valuable visitors or even sales.

Website development using responsive design is not only cost effective but ensures you only need one website which will accommodate all devices efficiently. Once your content is in the Content Management System, the formatting and layout adapts to best fit each device by design, displaying your content on multiple devices from one content store.

A responsive website will also allow the website administrators to publish content once from a Content Management System, so no more maintaining multiple sites for mobile, tablet and desktop websites.

  • Easy website management
  • Deliver enhanced user experience
  • Save on development time
  • Save money on unnecessary development
  • Increase your audience on tablets and mobiles
  • Provide improved visibility in the search engines

The PSP design and development teams have years of experience delivering bespoke websites. PSP clients can be confident that our team has been fully trained in responsive website development.

You can be assured that we can help you to improve your web presence whilst only ever having to manage one single website through a Content Management System (CMS).

We practice what we preach… please take some time to view the PSP website on a tablet or mobile device (or ask for a demo) and see for yourself how the responsive design works.

We are very confident you will be both surprised and impressed at what you can achieve, without the need to have multiple websites delivering content to mobile devices.


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