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As the world of business becomes more globally driven, communication between diverse IT systems to create a single operational view of your business is vital


We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke IT system integration to ensure you and your business are provided with the right IT solution that solves your business performance.

Now, more than ever, companies need to be able to make rapid and effective business decisions and communicate effectively with all key stakeholders. Often, the information on which decisions are based comes in a myriad of forms and sources.

At PSP we cut through this, enabling you to gather information from a wide and diverse variety of differing system sources. We integrate them into a single operational view to ensure an overall perspective on your business. This in turn enhances business decision-making and overall organisational efficiency above and beyond usual techniques such as spreadsheets and manual processes.

As the world of business becomes more globally driven, there is a clear need for diverse IT systems to be used by companies to communicate to each other and become more integrated.

For many organisations this is becoming an ever-increasing challenge. Realistically a single application rarely provides all the necessary requirements and data needed to support business decisions.

Organisations expect their data to be available at the touch of a button and increasing numbers need to offer workers the flexibility to work remotely. It is therefore essential that a company’s database and IT systems talk effectively to one another and that all information and process flows are incorporated to ensure the business runs efficiently.

As a consequence, multiple complementary applications need to be integrated together to provide the capabilities of sharing, extracting and compiling the data needed. True integration is more than just a network of devices; it demands complex connections, interfaces and security controls so you can manage the real-time flow of information, essential to business operations.

Typically companies access data in a number of ways, from existing IT systems, technologies and software to those elements planned for future introduction. We provide end-to-end services to ensure our clients requirements are exceeded without data duplication. 

IT System Integration can: 

  • Offers enhanced user experience
  • Extend the life of existing computer systems through interfacing with new bolt-on’s
  • Gives real time data when required
  • Reduces non-value added activity through process removal. E.g.
    • Copy typing
    • Exporting to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Facilitate timely and accurate delivery of information from multiple systems
  • Increase productivity

The IT network increasingly faces consumer-driven pressure to integrate a widening variety of operating systems and devices into the business environment. We have superior expertise in designing, developing and implementing these supporting platform-integrative projects and systems.

Our philosophy is to provide all necessary requirements within the system integration to provide your business with robust systems that are both scalable and affordable. We believe there is no database we cannot interact with and enjoy the fresh challenges these developments offer.

Our expertise lies in our development team whose experience includes interfacing with our clients’ CRM systems and other data management solutions, payment gateways, real time downloads and exports for reporting, analysing and forecasting. Communication with APIs is our field of expertise along with communicating with databases such as Oracle, FoxPro, SMART and AS 4005.


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