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Umbraco is a free open source user friendly content management system (CMS) used by some of the largest industry leading companies in the World


Umbraco is a user friendly CMS created for designers, content editors and developers. It is simple to customise and uses industry-standard programming languages. Umbraco allows us to rapidly develop websites using powerful APIs while website owners can produce great content that is multilingual with ease.

Umbraco is being used by some of the largest industry leading companies such as Microsoft, Costa, Heinz, Peugeot, Vogue and many more. Umbraco is built on the Microsoft .Net Framework and is covered by the open-source licensing.

Umbraco is one of the most deployed website content management systems in the Microsoft umbrella.

Umbraco boasts many features such as a user friendly interface, schedule content with version control, manage multilingual content and mobile-platform specific sites with a single set of content.

Umbraco Integrates well with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft CRM and and is great for larger companies, allowing the website editor to allocate user permissions to departments, so they can manage their own section of the website.

Umbraco delivers a range of benefits:

  • Updates can be performed instantly
  • User friendly interface
  • Built-in search feature
  • Schedule content and version control
  • Multilingual website content
  • Fast & flexible CMS
  • Starter kits and skins
  • Add-on modules
  • Bespoke design and development
  • Google loves it! Best practice Search Engine optimised (SEO) websites
  • Microsoft Word™ or Windows LiveWriter™ - Write or edit blog and news pages
    Allocate user permissions by department
  • Application programming interfaces (API’s) to talk to back-office systems
  • Integrates well with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft CRM and
  • Mobile-platform specific sites with a single set of content
  • Display different content to visitors from different countries
  • Cross browser compatibility

PSP have an experienced team of Umbraco developers who are involved throughout the full life cycle of your website development. You will be assigned an account manager which includes web based Helpdesk support.

Our developers apply their 50+ years of website development skills to build all projects, allowing them to seamlessly integrate API's and other IT systems to improve your business processes.

PSP can help you install, design, develop, upgrade and maintain the following Umbraco CMS versions:

  • Umbraco 4
  • Umbraco 6
  • Umbraco 7


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