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SharePoint Intranet

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  • Title: SharePoint Intranet
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, Rebranding and Design, SharePoint
  • Company: British Pipeline Agency
  • Year: 2013


BPA have been using the SharePoint platform for their internal Intranet for a number of years and have recently migrated to Microsoft SharePoint 2010. To support the continued usage of the site, BPA had a requirement to consider branding their Intranet. PSP Ltd has worked with BPA on a number of SharePoint related tasks and were asked to submit a solution on the best way to proceed.

In order to comprehensively flesh out the requirements of this project, a number of workshops were held.  From these, BPA highlighted the following requirements as a priority for this phase of the project:

  • Creation of a custom SharePoint theme based on BPA colour scheme.
  • Customisation of the SharePoint top menu.
  • Creation and application of the new master page style.
  • To ensure standardisation is kept across all sub-sites.
  • Design and deployment of the main landing page.
  • Creation of a custom BPA site banner.


PSP identified three potential solutions for BPA, all of which were fully integrated with SharePoint 2010 through Master pages and CSS Style sheets.

This provided BPA with a standard, supported design change. The options were:

  • Create custom theme
  • Create master page, custom navigation and theme changes
  • Full design and branding

This project showed very clearly PSP’s commitment to helping its clients achieve their goals even under difficult circumstances.

After the initial review of the proposal, BPA decided they required all three. However, due to their budget restrictions this was not possible. Instead PSP were able to provide them with various sections of each of the options which allowed BPA to tailor-make a solution which best fitted their budget and needs as a company.

As part of this design project, we also developed custom SharePoint 2010 web parts. The News scroller was a popular addition to the development. This allowed BPA to enter News into a SharePoint List.

Additionally, we designed a unique banner for BPA, to sit below the SharePoint ribbon with custom icons and links to requested areas. This also housed the SharePoint search box.

No matter how good a system is though, it is of no use to an organisation if it does not get used (or gets used incorrectly). To ensure our client was able to get the greatest utility from the new system, we held training sessions through our aftercare services with BPA to ensure SharePoint was utilised effectively.


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