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  • Title: SharePoint Intranet
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, Rebranding and Design, SharePoint
  • Company: The Binding Site
  • Year: 2014


The Intranet for this organisation was no longer supporting their global communication requirements. With out-dated features and functionality it was no longer a user friendly platform. With communication across different time zones being of high value to this global manufacturer they approached PSP to create a global Intranet using Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Outline requirements for this project included:

  • Mock-up of master page layout.
  • Dynamic menu structure and site navigation theme.
  • To install and setup Microsoft SharePoint 2013.
  • Create a global Microsoft SharePoint Intranet using 2013.
  • Workshop sessions scheduled to gather requirement details.
  • Agree a colour scheme for the new Intranet.
  • Identify and confirm the security groups/ permissions using active directory.
  • Implement a site wide SharePoint search/ administration alerts.

Outline features:

  • General areas such as blogs, key dates
  • SharePoint My Site
  • Implement a World clock
  • Charity and Social Site
  • Country Specific Sites
  • Department pages
  • General communication
  • Navigation

PSP used their SharePoint team to further define the requirements for the Intranet through workshops; working with both Stakeholders and Internal Users.  From these workshops the PSP team developed a functional specification which captured each requirement individually.  

PSP integrated two types of navigation into the Binding Site’s Intranet. The main areas included the homepage and had a top navigation bar. Other pages within the Intranet included a left hand navigation menu as well as the top navigation bar.  

Style Format and User Experience
Based on the design brief to “keep close to SharePoint” PSP used a functional design which was in line with SharePoint’s standard features and included some branding and navigational updates.  As part of this process the following outputs were completed:

  • Mock-ups of master page layouts
  • Agreed colour schemes using the Binding Site black and yellow branding
  • Structure and Navigation overview – Key to keeping a manageable Intranet is implementing a structure and navigation which lends itself to ongoing internal administration

When designs were reviewed and signed-off, PSP created mock-up design wireframes which were included in the specification.

PSP designed the new Binding Site Intranet in Microsoft SharePoint 2013, using the full width (fluid) functionality of SharePoint.  This means the design fills the full screen up to certain resolutions.

Whilst the key criteria was to keep close to the standard SharePoint format, there were a number of elements which required specific development. Our SharePoint development team ensured these were created.

Part of this development involved administration lists using Microsoft SharePoint’s Term Store Metadata functionality, this allows the Client to manage and control the content of those lists.

The Intranet homepage was designed with a carousel control designed to save space, provide a visual element to the page and linking to news articles.  PSP developed a bespoke world clock SharePoint web part to show the different time zones of the Binding Site global offices. These clocks provide quick visual aids for Users to see offices open during daylight hours and those closed in the evening.

Page Types
A blogging microsite was created using the Microsoft SharePoint Blog list to allow individuals to post blogs for companywide review and interaction.
The Client also requested a charity page type to be used to promote their nominated charity and support fundraising.  One of the elements of this page was a donations list used to capture the amount of donations and total raised. This list feeds into a bespoke chart web part which shows how much has been donated and raised by month.

Office and Function Sites
The geographical office sites are within a SharePoint sub-site which uses a template designed and created by PSP.  These sub-sites can be created as and when needed by Binding Site administrators.  The office sites have two main pages including a Homepage and Team Page.

Another section of the Intranet for the Binding Site was Function sites.  PSP created these as SharePoint sub-site templates, made up of a selection of Microsoft SharePoint web parts pulling through SharePoint lists and libraries such as:

  • FAQ’s
  • News
  • Meet the team
  • Blog posts

The SharePoint team installed a new SharePoint installation onto the Binding Site servers as part of this project.  This also included setting up the following within SharePoint:

  • Security and Groups
  • Link to active directory
  • Search / Administration


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