Biogas Project Management Portal Case Study

Project Management Portal

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  • Title: Project Management Portal
  • Categories: .NET, IT System Integration, SharePoint
  • Company: Biogas
  • Year: 2010


Biogas had been keeping their documentation on the network within a file structure system. The system was a little disjointed because each department had its own file formats. Biogas was interested in improving this situation but did not want to commit huge sums to the process. They asked PSP to design and develop a project management portal for them, based on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, which offered an effective and cost-effective solution to their problem. Now, all data is stored in an SQL Express database and is shared throughout the organisation.

Biogas were very clear in what they wanted their new system to be able to achieve.

They highlighted the following requirements:

  • A robust document and project management programme.
  • The new system should be available to all Biogas employees including those in the Polish and Mexican offices via the existing Gateway.
  • The system must offer flexibility, simple additions of new projects were possible when the need arose.
  • Simplicity of use. The new system would need to offer single page views on each project and its related document
  • Any and all changes to documents on the system must be traceable.
  • Full version control and access to historical versions of all documents.
  • The system would need to be future proof to allow for remote client access, upgrades to SharePoint Standard and full SQL Server.

As part of this project our Business Analysts worked with Biogas to produce a functional specification clarifying the requirements needed. Through this project our developers utilised, where possible, out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality, in addition we also used various development languages such as jQuery to aid with the creation of custom fields within the Projects List.

The Microsoft SharePoint solution allowed Biogas to create a master project and then add single or multiple elements to it. Unique identifiers of each of biogas's projects allowed them to utilise the search function by searching on project codes. Being able to view old versions of a document was particularly important to Biogas and the functionality available in SharePoint Foundation significantly improved and streamlined their existing process.

The creation of permission groups also allowed the client to control accessibility and tailor their content views as required. As with all our projects, PSP Ltd carried out extensive quality assurance testing on this system before it was released to the customer and provided comprehensive on-site training, at Biogas's UK site, prior to the go live launch.


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