CIPS Intranet Redesign Case Study

SharePoint Intranet Redesign

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  • Title: SharePoint Intranet Redesign
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, Rebranding and Design, SharePoint, Website Development
  • Company: Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
  • Year: 2013


CIPS had a number of objectives they wished to achieve. They wanted an intranet that would reflect their new branding and provide users with a seamless user experience, whilst better reflecting their organisational culture and communication patterns. In addition the intranet had to support the goals and vision of the Institute.

  • The new intranet should reflect the new CIPS brand.
  • The intranet should be easy to navigate and have recent, most frequently used information quickly accessible.
  • It should have a defined structure and be able to reflect the needs of a global organisation.
  • Access should be available to all staff globally.

We created the new CIPS intranet using the EPiServer CMS platform and reflected the look and feel of the main CIPS website to help reinforce the new branding features throughout CIPS employees, globally.

The intranet was web based so as to be available to all employees across the world via the network. Varying levels of access were granted, determined by active directory permissions. We were able to create different language versions of the homepage that consequently could reflect content relevant to the countries accessing it. 

Navigation was kept very simple using main menu tabs with dropdown lists and header buttons for quick access to frequently used services such as car and room bookings. Quick links were used on promo and navigation panels allowing access to information used most often.

We also included a calendar showing scheduled events, both external for CIPS members and the public together with internal events for CIPS employees. Made standard across the intranet were search functions that enabled the user to easily find content relevant to a particular subject or staff member.

Where information on the previous SharePoint intranet was very document-orientated they were managed best in a SharePoint environment and so were linked to the intranet via the main menu navigation.

The look and feel of the new CIPS branding in the EPiServer areas was extended to the SharePoint pages by updating the style sheets so that the user had a seamless experience while navigating between the two intranet areas. 

As some of the intranet content needed to be accessible by authorised staff only, user groups were set up using active directory groups, enabling specific pages to be set to allow access only to specific members of staff.

The new intranet was launched at the summer CIPS Staff Away Day and was exceptionally well received.


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