CIPS Measures Bespoke Case Study

SharePoint Measures

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  • Title: SharePoint Measures
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, SharePoint, Website Development
  • Company: Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
  • Year: 2011


To enable CIPS to monitor and proactively manage service levels, CIPS asked PSP to develop a KPI tracking application, which would integrate into their SharePoint Intranet.

CIPS had the following requirements for their KPI tracking application:

  • Simple to use
  • Automated alerts and escalation.
  • Grouping by activity type (e.g. Customer Experience, Processing).
  • Grouping by department measures.
  • Available through the Intranet.

Following a review of the different types of measures and KPI’s already in place we developed a platform which would cater for all types of KPI’s. 

By enabling CIPS to define the tolerance, schedule and alert action they were able to take the application and build up a set of measures which worked for the range of services offered and the different service levels maintained around the organisation.


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