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Sales Tracker

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  • Title: Sales Tracker
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, IT System Integration
  • Company: CIPS
  • Year: 2010


CIPS wanted a system that would allow them to track sales in a detailed and comprehensive way. Certain members of staff were to use it to track sales, make sales forecasts and create sales reports. These processes were typically carried out on spread sheets, which required manual updating and were very labour intensive. These spread sheets did not track changes or provide sufficient data analysis. PSP were asked to create the IT system that did just that!

The following requirements were essential for the CIPS Sales Tracker Project:

  • A robust database that had the ability to track sales movement.
  • Availability both internally and externally via the existing gateway.
  • Enhanced, dynamic reporting features such as sales waterfall in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Snapshot visibility on performance levels against target.
  • Traceable changes to opportunity value, status and owner.
  • Quarterly statistics provided across all reports.
  • Filtering against location.
  • Add / Edit and Delete functionality for selected users.

The Sales Tracker is a web-based Microsoft .Net framework based language program which is a stand-alone web system. One of the Sales Tracker's main aims was to gather essential sales data to be available for a select few CIPS employees.

PSP Ltd worked alongside key members of the CIPS team to ensure a new 'opportunity' workflow was implemented that covered the procedures for reporting on traceable changes to each of the opportunity values, statuses and owners. It was essential that certain mandatory fields were implemented so these reporting figures were captured correctly.

The robust database used for the Sales Tracker had the ability to track sales movement companywide. Users were able to update their information and view reports remotely due to the Sales Tracker being accessed both internally and externally. The dynamic reporting features allowed predetermined users to filter between companies, locations and sales staff, to view snapshots on performance levels and quarterly statistics provided across all reports. All reports were fully exportable into Excel, which allowed them to be manipulated further.

The program was accessible by various users including sales executives who were able to monitor their 'My Sales' areas, with the ability to publish and edit their opportunities. Restrictions were applied to both the reporting functions and dashboard display. Supervisor access had the additional permissions to view predefined selected reports and system reports. Full access was given to the administrators who had ultimate responsibility for the system, with full access to data, reporting, field maintenance and they were able to add, edit and delete users when required.

This system is still in use today and PSP Ltd provide on-going support under our client's maintenance agreement, which allows CIPS to develop the system to meet all their needs and ensure all enhancements are dealt with efficiently and to the highest of standards. This Microsoft .Net development provided the opportunity to design and implement a system that incorporated comprehensive figures that businesses in today's world can utilise.


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