CIPS E-Commerce Bookshop Case Study

Online Bookshop

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  • Title: Online Bookshop
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, EPiServer, IT System Integration, Rebranding and Design, Website Development
  • Company: The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
  • Year: 2012


CIPS requested PSP Ltd to redevelop the Bookshop area of their website. Their existing stock control system (Great Plains) was replaced by an outsourced system to process book orders that were received through the CIPS website. A third party system would allocate correct postage charges to each book order based on its total weight.

CIPS had various selected requirements that were needed for this Bookshop project:

  • The website needed to be linked to the Scorpion system (SQL database).
  • The website would also need to be linked to a freight handling system called Dolphin (Postage Calculator).
  • Bulk ordering function (Internal and External).
  • Enhancements to delivery address function.
  • Additional discount CMS admin functions.
  • Member account management.
  • Storage and retrieval of bulk orders.
  • Reporting area for book orders divided into individual and bulk orders.
  • Exception handling required.
  • Improved search capabilities.

PSP Ltd presented a detailed specification to CIPS (The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) for the Bookshop project. This was a complex project which needed specific skills in integrating various systems from one another, including the use of API's.

With a vast experience in system integration we were able to tackle any issues and communicate where needed with the other systems that were outsourced. Exception handling was required to cater for any failures in the CSV data transfers and API links to the other outsourced systems, for example Dolphin.

Various additional features and processes were created to ensure the smooth running of the system once it was operational. A key factor was the ability to have a bulk order function which allowed designated web users to buy a selection of books for both staff and external use.

Unique permission settings were added to member accounts which dictated who could manage internal and external bulk orders. This allowed CIPS to select only their approved clients and internal staff to access this feature. The storage and retrieval of bulk orders before they had reached the order processing stage and therefore outgoing CSV, as well as reporting measures offered additional improvements for this feature.

For the user there was improved functionality relating to the search capabilities on the website, the enhancement of delivery address function allowed users to choose from one of 3 available addresses (individual only) and the additional discount scheme which allowed control through the CMS admin functionality (company level).


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