CSWDC Intranet Development

CSWDC Intranet Development

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  • Title: CSWDC Intranet Development
  • Categories: Rebranding and Design, SharePoint
  • Company: CSWDC
  • Year: 2016


Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company (CSWDC) is an independent waste management company extracting energy (heat and electrical power) from public and commercial solid waste. Based to the south of the City of Coventry, CSWDC have been operating in Coventry since 1975 (Source: CSWDC). Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company (CSWDC) appointed PSP IT Design & Development to upgrade the existing WSS 3.0 based Intranet (otherwise known as SharePoint 2007) and SharePoint 2010 based IMS to the latest SharePoint 2013 platform, including data migration and updated page designs.

CSWDC’s brief was for PSP to upgrade their existing SharePoint Intranet 2007 to SharePoint 2013 and their SharePoint based IMS system from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 making it more useful and effective for all employees. This involved setting up a new server environment for SharePoint 2013 to be hosted. PSP were also required to design a new homepage look and feel to reflect the CSWDC branding colours.

Specific functionality required:

  • Upgrade existing Intranet and IMS SharePoint systems to SharePoint 2013
  • Migration of all lists and libraries
  • Creation of a new homepage for their Intranet
  • Implement new master page design to all sub pages

PSP firstly produced a top-level functional specification based on CSWDC’s requirements to ensure that the project objectives would be met. PSP then liaised closely with CSWDC throughout the design stages of the project to ensure the new look and feel met their branding guidelines and that the new metro tiles web part was fit for purpose.

Following sign off from the client PSP went ahead to develop and upgrade the systems.

In order to complete the upgrade of the two systems, PSP initially upgraded the SharePoint 2010 IMS instance to SharePoint 2013 and to checked that all functionality remained and was operating correctly. Following the successful upgrade of the IMS, PSP migrated the WSS 3.0 (2007) content to the new SharePoint 2013 installation and performed extensive data checking to ensure that all data had been migrated successfully.

PSP carried out substantial data migration of CSWDC’s Intranet, carrying out numerous data checking activities to ensure all data was migrated successfully.
The whole project, with full client engagement throughout, took just 4 months including the specification writing, development of the sites, quality assurance and user acceptance testing, as well as the final deployment.


  • A more useful and professionally presented Intranet, delivering real value to CSWDC and its employees
  • User friendly and easy to navigate Intranet based on the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Data migrated automatically reducing the need for manual migration
  • Lists and libraries all stored in easy to access tabs on the homepage (grouped into similar working groups for employees)


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