EMB Intranet Development Case Study

Intranet Development

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  • Title: Intranet Development
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, Rebranding and Design, SharePoint
  • Company: East Midlands Business
  • Year: 2015


EMB wanted to increase the use of their SharePoint 2010 Intranet, building on their already re-launched Responsive Umbraco EMB Group and EMB-X websites, which were full rebranded, design and built by PSP in April 2014.

EMB’s brief was for PSP to create a new EMB and Investors In People SharePoint Intranet making it more useful and effective for all employees. This would involve, adding more functionality, dynamic content feeds as well as upgrading the look and feel to reflect the new EMB brand, previously designed by PSP.

Specific functionality required:

  • More information including news, event information and tweets pulled live from their website to reduce duplication of work
  • Document management and document tagging
  • Restricted access to content based on user profile and permissions
  • Remote access for individuals off-site

The success of this project was to be measured by an increase in employee engagement.

PSP produced a top level functional specification based on EMB’s requirements to ensure that the project objectives would be met. PSP had already successfully designed and developed Responsive Websites for EMB Group and EMB-X, using UMBRACO, carrying out a full rebrand at that time. So for this project, PSP followed similar designs and branding, to ensure that the look and feel of the new Intranet sites were consistent across EMB Group.

The whole project, with full client engagement throughout, took just 4 months and included specification writing, development of the sites, quality assurance and user acceptance testing, as well as the final deployment.


  • A more useful and professionally presented Intranet, delivering real value to EMB and its employees
  • The ability for EMB staff to add internal events, contacts and news, keeping the Intranet relevant and fresh
  • Much stronger document control with a newly created document centre, allowing documents to be uploaded and tagged for filtering and searching

 EMB have reported a very significant increase in employee engagement across the Intranet as measured by SharePoint analytics. This means that EMB’s objective, which was to increase usage and deliver better information flow and efficiencies in communication, has been achieved.


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