Membership & Event Application-VISION CRM

Membership & Event Application - VISION CRM

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  • Title: Membership & Event Application - VISION CRM
  • Categories: Bespoke Development, IT System Integration, Rebranding and Design, Vision CRM
  • Company: Client Confidential
  • Year: 2013


This project started life as a tender, where we proposed our modular and fully customisable Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and Management Information System (MIS) VISION CRM & MIS. The client was experiencing an out dated and ‘clunky’ Microsoft Access Membership Database and they required an updated system.

Our client had the following requirements:

  • Replace & replicate the existing Microsoft Access Membership Database within a new modern platform (CRM).
  • Ensure back office systems were connected to the website to allow online transactions, reduce duplication of workload.
  • Allow membership application forms to be processed on the website and information passed to the CRM with members details.
  • Allow member profile details to be retrieved from the CRM database, be changed in the website, and then saved back to the CRM database.
  • To have a member directory to retrieve a subset of member information, and display this on their website.
  • Creation of an event booking system to retrieve available events and event information to display on the website.
  • Allow delegate event bookings to be made via the website and saved into the CRM database.
  • System to provide details of member status, renewal dates and fees.

After the initial tender to gather requirements, PSP held on-site workshops. These were to ensure PSP had a full understanding of how the current system worked, company processes and identify new functionality required. PSP were then able to create a detailed functional specification containing all the requirements to be added into VISION CRM.

During the specification stage, PSP used relationship diagrams from the existing Microsoft Access Database to understand the links between tables, which enabled PSP to streamline the relationship and data links when developing in VISION; resulting in improving on the performance and speed in which data is returned. 

This version of VISION CRM & MIS is made up of seven modules:

  • Dashboards
  • Company and Contact Management
  • Finance
  • Central Processing
  • Event Management
  • Reporting 
  • Administration

Each module was fully documented in the functional specification for both developers and testers.  The central processing and event management modules were created as part of this development for our client to meet their needs.  The other modules are from the standard version of VISION.

System Integration
PSP developed a set of API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow the website to access and update data in real time.  The following APIs were developed using the .Net framework:

  • Membership Registration– allow application forms to be completed on the website and information passed to VISION
  • Account Management– allows members to login and update certain profile information, which is pulled from VISION and updated in real time
  • Member Directory– retrieves a set of member information to populate a specific page on the website
  • Event Bookings– retrieves available events and event information to allow publishing on the website, and bookings to be taken through the website are fed into VISION
  • Membership Renewals– provides member status, renewal dates and transactions to be displayed for members

Data Migration
Our processes included identifying table formats, documenting table relationships and field mapping to ensure data was successfully migrated to the correct fields.  We identified and wrote all import migration scripts, carried out multiple data extraction and importation tests to identify data gaps, and re-adjusted scripts where required.

As well as the above, PSP also carried manual data entry for any data which could not be moved automatically.  Finally all data migration went through thorough validation checks.  On the go live day, the migration of all company data from old to new took no longer than 3 hours, as six years’ worth of data was transferred.

Reporting and Dashboard
All existing reports in the Microsoft Access Database were replicated in VISION to ensure access to key information was available such as member subscriptions, invoice analysis, members by status and subscriptions labels and many more.

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