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Outlook Tracker Analytics

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  • Title: Outlook Tracker Analytics
  • Categories: Bespoke Development, Outlook Tracker, Vision CRM
  • Company: NEBOSH
  • Year: 2015


NEBOSH approached PSP to find out more on Outlook Email Tracker which provides tracking on each email in and out of the business. This provides the ability to measure the response times against different categories, which are set up according to business needs and requirements. The new VISION CRM & MIS analytics tool, which has been recently developed to provide business managers with real-time statistics in a range of graphical and report formats with a view to root cause analysis and ultimately to help identify ways in which a business can streamline to reduce email traffic and the subsequent time spent by employees writing and responding to emails, was also something NEBOSH were interested in.

NEBOSH required the ability to track the volume of internal and external emails and, specifically, response times of their employees to new enquiries. Thirteen outlook tracker licenses were required.  In addition they needed the ability to analyse the data they track via charts and reporting tools for 3 of their users. 

VISION analytics tool is built on a simple and easy to use interface with a navigation menu that is familiar and similar to Microsoft products. 

NEBOSH are able to use this tool to add and manage their users, departments, divisions, categories and reasons with ease. All of which were set up to their required business needs, beneath each category NEBOSH provided reason codes that they wanted to monitor i.e. Request for information. Using the dashboard interface NEBOSH can see at a glance reports on these reason codes allowing them to take corrective action if required and also further reports on  number of emails sent, received and replied to. 

Two senior members of PSP attended the NEBOSH site and once the data had been migrated and the analytics tool installed on the 3 users requested the Customer Services Manager provided a full overview and demonstration of how to use the analytical tool and the features within.


  • The dashboard interface allows NEBOSH to see at a glance reports on the:
    • Number of emails sent.
    • Number of emails received
    • Number of emails replied to.
  • Ability to easily and efficiently maintain their users, departments, divisions etc.
  • Ability to analyse emails by reason code and take corrective action
  • Improved data analysis of emails in real time
  • Accuracy of reports due to using real time data
  • Customisable dashboards using filters to show relevant data
  • Allows NEBOSH to measure response times against agreed SLA’s 

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