NEBOSH Test Management System Case Study

Test Management System

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  • Title: Test Management System
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, IT System Integration
  • Company: NEBOSH
  • Year: 2012


NEBOSH had a need to outsource the administration of their examinations. To support this they wanted an online examination management interface that would form a link between their back-office IT systems and other suppliers. PSP offered this project as a Microsoft .Net development, as it allowed the complex integration and processes to be completed effectively.

For the Test management system to meet its objectives, it would need to:

  • Accommodate dual branding.
  • Offer automatic workflows & notifications.
  • Replace manual processes.
  • Be robust, with management processes incorporated into the build (Task, Test & Candidate Management).
  • Integrate well with other parts of the system, including back end and third-party systems.
  • Provide an easy, pleasant interaction experience with a user friendly interface and streamlined usability.
  • Grow with the business and be scalable.

PSP Ltd guided the development through the initial stages where meetings were held to define all the complex workflows and procedures involved in the test management process, through to the system integration with other companies for the exam printing and distribution.

The system itself is hosted on the NEBOSH Servers and has the ability to talk to the third party systems which generate the question papers and answer sheets dependant on the number of candidates and the language of the test. These papers are then tracked (where applicable) to ensure NEBOSH has up-to-date information on the status of the confidential test papers, providing additional security.

This Microsoft .Net development offers various features to ensure the system is robust. These include the standard add, edit and delete functionality, as well as search and filter features where users can quickly access test data. Additional to this is the test status tagging which allows overviews of tests dependant on the stage of their lifecycle.

Once tests are marked, results are then extracted from the third party systems and fed into the test booking system where NEBOSH would complete the process of communicating results and preparing certificates and/or passports.

Permissions are a key feature for the system, as different users from different organisations, as well as individual representatives (invigilators), need access to the system. The different user roles allow set views of the system with limited functionality dependant on the clearance set.

An essential role created was the Super user; this administrative based role allows designated employees significant control within the system, specific responsibilities include the ability to view the database audit history and the deletion of tests. Finally the reporting ability of the system allows our clients to view the data and offer up-to-date analysis of various areas of the system including tracking progress, list of exceptions, tests and status reports. The setup of automatic email templates and the export reporting into Excel, allows the client the ability to control the information sent via the system, as well as, the manipulation of data obtained from the reporting within the development.

This Microsoft .Net development has been a great success story, it has been in regular use and continues to grow with future development year on year. The system itself represents our key expertise in system integration, the management of process flows and the provision of interfaces which are user friendly and dynamic. Our on-going support maintenance contract with NEBOSH allows the system to evolve with the ever changing needs of our clients.


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