PSP IT Launch 3 new Product Sites

PSP IT Launch 3 new Product Sites

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  • Title: PSP IT Launch 3 new Product Sites
  • Categories: EX-AM, Outlook Tracker, Response Web Design, Website Development
  • Company: PSP IT Design and Development
  • Year: 2015


Lincolnshire based PSP IT Design & Development have developed and launched their very own Next Generation Suite of Responsive Websites to support the 3 main off the shelf applications.With a number of Products and IT-managed services, PSP wanted to maximise the opportunity for response from the customer by making information on their products more readily available and to use the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise in the use of latest technologies in the development of the new websites. The products include PSP’s very own ‘VISION’ CRM, ‘Outlook Tracker and Email Analytics’ and ‘EX_AM Portal’ assessor gateway.

PSP identified the following key requirements for the development of the new product sites:

  • New branding for each site
  • Individual URL’s for each product offering
  • Channel interest to a separate product site which would also succeed in providing interested customers access to case studies, video demo and testimonials
  • Responsive web design, to meet the growing requirement to become accessible to users of mobile devices such as phones and tablets

PSP used their wealth of knowledge and experience in responsive web development, design and testing to complete the project. The project was built on .NET using a Bootstrap framework.

Each product was given an individual URL and distinct branding to make them more accessible to users of the internet. The sites are also available on the newly designed PSP website in the Products dropdown of the navigation.

The sites all had details on their key features, benefits and screenshots of the product. They also had a section on how to contact PSP, this section included an online enquiry form which would send the enquiry directly to the Sales team.


  • Solid communication of each individual product’s key features and business benefits
  • New, fresh and clear brand identity for each product
  • Quick, seamless development and deployment
  • Ability to deliver Client testimonials against the products in a concise way


Outlook Email Tracker and Analytics -

EX_AM Portal -


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