PSP Responsive Website Relaunch

PSP Website Relaunch

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  • Title: PSP Website Relaunch
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, EPiServer, Rebranding and Design, Response Web Design, Website Development
  • Company: People Systems and Processes
  • Year: 2015


PSP wanted to relaunch it’s website to help distinguish its standalone products from its suite of services. The aim was to launch a separate portfolio of product websites giving them their own brand and identity, accessible via the PSP website. The new suite of websites would also showcase PSP’s expertise in next generation Responsive Website Design and deployment of a state of the art website CMS.

PSP’s brief to its internal Design and Rebranding Team and Web Development Team was to create a website that better promoted PSP’s products and services. The aim was to promote more clearly, PSP’s professionalism, its commercial approach and unrivalled commitment to quality. The re-launch also needed to better reflect the recent growth and success of PSP’s products which are VISION CRM, Outlook Email Tracker and EX-AM Portal.

Specific functionality required:

  • Give a clean professional and more commercial brand image
  • Clear brand image for its 3 products - VISION CRM, Outlook Email Tracker and EX-AM Portal
  • To showcase Responsive Design across all devices – better navigation
  • Create a comprehensive Portfolio of case studies around each product and service easily accessible from all parts of the websites

The success of this project was to be measured by an increase in the number of enquiries generated over time.

PSP’s Design and Rebranding Team and Web Development Team came up with a solution to meet PSP’s requirements.

They created a new more professional looking, suite of ‘next generation’ Responsive Websites, to better communicate PSP’s Products and Services, its Portfolio of clients and case studies, with an intuitively designed navigation to work across all devices.

The more streamlined top menu bar, gives visitors access to key information more quickly. The new right-hand navigation bar gives visitors quick access to PSP’s Knowledge Hub and the latest news, with deep-links to areas such as History, Our Team and the Contact page.

The 3 new satellite websites created for each of PSP’s Products, gives each one a clear brand identity. These new websites were launched as distinct product sites with their own URL to be indexed by the Search Engines, but accessible via the main PSP website. The approach of giving each product its own front door has helped to communicate the key features, benefits, case studies and testimonials in a clear and concise way. Each website also gives visitors easy access to a video overview, a downloadable product brochure and product enquiry form.

The Web Development Team used the Bootstrap framework to deliver the Responsive Design, integrated with the latest version of EPiServer on .NET to create a powerful back-end CMS for the PSP Marketing Team. Care and attention was taken to ensure that the newly launched product sites were well sign-posted from the main PSP site, with all re-directs set up to maintain the Search Engine Indexes.

The whole project, took just 5 weeks to complete and included specification writing, development of the sites, quality assurance and user acceptance testing, as well as the final deployment.


  • A more commercial and professionally presented suite of websites, delivering seamless navigation between each site, with a clear call to actions to maximise enquiries
  • Clear brand communication of PSP’s product sites, distinguishing each from PSP’s services
  • Better next generation Responsive design, with easy to use menus
  • Clearly Showcasing PSP’s skills and expertise in Responsive Web Development and how to engage an audience across all devices
  • The ability for PSP’s marketing team to update the website quickly and easily via the EPiServer CMS


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