Question Paper Production Module Case Study

Question Paper Production Module Case Study

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  • Title: Question Paper Production Module Case Study
  • Categories: Bespoke Development, EX-AM, SharePoint
  • Company: The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
  • Year: 2015


Following on from the original EX_AM Portal development, CIPS asked PSP to develop the portal further to include a module for Question Paper Production. The basis of this module was to allow the assessors to create Questions and Question Papers within the portal.

The following requirements will be met by this development as requested by CIPS:

  • Develop the ability to create essay questions within the EX-AM Portal
  • Track changes being made to content against the question and mark scheme similar to Microsoft Word’s track changes functionality
  • Reduce the amount of time spent by CIPS on administering question creation
  • Ability to track the question creation process
  • User friendly interface for question creation
  • Automated email alerts to be issued by the system at set points
  • Create Question Papers and Mark Scheme documents with the ability to export to Microsoft Word
  • Reporting on Question Usage
  • Reporting on Author and Scrutineer Acceptance Rates

As part of this development a new Question Production Dashboard was created.  This allows Superusers to see the status of tasks issued to users,  progress towards question creation and ultimately the question paper itself.

Question Creation Task Management
This process starts life as a task.  Superusers  commission their Authors to create ‘x’ amount of questions.  The system sends e-mails to all Authors and creates a task record to accept or reject. 

Writing a Question & Mark Scheme
The Authors will create their questions in a user friendly screen and they can save as they go.  Once happy they submit the question, the system sends an e-mail to the Scrutineer notifying them they have a question to scrutinise. The Scrutineers have the ability, to make changes, accept, or reject the question and mark scheme.

Upon accepting the question, Scrutineers submit it to Panel, the question is then reviewed with Superusers making any amends on one screen for all users to see.  The Panel can accept/reject the question.

Panel accepting moves it through the process onto the Proof Reader who are again automatically notified by e-mail.  Once proof read is complete, it is then reviewed by Superusers and published to the Question Bank.

Question Bank
The Question Bank is used to store a master version of the accepted question and mark scheme.  The questions are stored with unique identification numbers. 

Superusers have the ability to edit/archive a question and/or mark scheme via the Question Bank once it has been published.

Question Papers Task Management
Superusers can setup tasks for users to create a question paper by a certain date; the system also allows Superusers to create question papers.

Question Papers & Mark Schemes
The Question Paper Management grid allows Superusers to own the question paper process if it cannot be reassigned to a person, they can also download the completed question paper and mark scheme once the question paper has been submitted.

In brief, Standardisation takes a small batch of answer booklets which are reviewed, then scanned into the EX-AM Portal.  Marking teams mark the booklets using the Portal to enter their marks; these are then submitted into an overview summary grid.  

The marking teams discuss the marks via a conference call; a standardisation leader controls the session and enters marks into the summary grid which have been agreed for each of the booklets.  The system calculates a red, amber, green variance between the agreed mark and the mark given by the assessor.  

Once the conference call is complete, this process is undertaken again. Following this, variance reports are available to analyse how the assessors are performing.

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