13th April 2017

Are you Focussed?

Are you Focussed?

Targeted marketing allows you to focus your marketing and brand message to a specific market and investing your time in the preparation of your company data is where the value lies.

By ensuring you are sending the correct message to a prospective client means they will be more likely to buy from you than any other market sectors or types.  

Creation of data lists from your database may involve a huge amount of your time. However you are more likely to be able to add prospects to your pipeline by making that investment.

In the long term this is a much more effective way to reach your potential clients and generate new or even repeat business.

It is often worth starting with a small list just to get started and by adding to your lists each day or week it makes the task appear easier.

TIP: If you use a CRM system you usually have the ability to add client tags which are useful if you intend to market a product or service to them at a later date.

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