Does your Business Need Consistency with your Word Templates?

Fed-up with your company branding not being used correctly?  Were you aware that you can update the standard Blank template in Microsoft Word?

By setting up your standard font, headings and styles within the Blank template you can provide consistency in the documents that are created within your business. The following steps detail how to locate and edit the Blank template.

Editing Word’s Normal Template

As default each time you open a new Blank Document Word is looking at a template, known as ‘Normal.doct’.  If you have certain styles or items you wish to insert into documents on a regular basis you can make amend the standard template and these changes will be in place every time your users open a new Blank document.

The following steps explain how to locate the ‘Normal.doct’ template.  (These steps have been written using Windows 8.1)

Open the Control Panel.

Click on the Appearance and Personalization heading.

Click on the Folder Options heading, this will open the Folder Options dialog window.

Click on the View tab.

Within the Advanced Settings group, click in the Show hidden files, folders and drives radio button.

The Apply button will become active, click on the Apply button and then click on the OK button.

The Folder Options dialog window will close.  Now navigate to and open your File Explorer.

In the File Explorer open your Local C drive.

Within the Local Disk (C:) find the folder called Users double click this to open.

Once in the Users folder look for your user name e.g. Lynsey (this will be the account you sign into your PC/laptop as the most).

Double click to open the folder.

You will see a folder called AppData which is slightly pale, this is because it is a hidden file, double click to open.

Within the AppData file double click to open the Roaming folder.

Scroll through this folder to find Microsoft and double click to open.

Scroll through this folder to find Templates and double click to open.

Within the Templates folder scroll through and look for the ‘Normal’ template.

Right mouse click on the Normal template and from the dropdown menu click on Open.