14th April 2021

Does your online marking software run customised reports?

If you’re a qualification-awarding body, you have no doubt already transitioned into online exam marking. Online paper marking is good for quickly distributing exam papers to examiners and keeping track of every script which is out for marking.

There is some software, however, where functionalities are limited.

For example, does your on-screen marking software let you run custom reports in seconds for analysis?

Power of Reporting

Want to press a button to run reports on papers out for marking, papers marked today or overdue papers?

How about reports on papers marked by each examiner for payment purposes?

The beauty of eMarking is that you can generate custom reporting on any criteria you want. All you need to do is set the date range, press submit and the system will bring up your results within seconds.

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What types of reports can I request?

Reports showing how many papers are out for marking, the number of papers awaiting upload of mark by assessors, number of overdue papers, the total number of scripts with each assessor and how many papers each assessor has marked within a chosen time frame all come as standard. Any further reports can be built as part of the customisation of your software.



What can I do with these reports?

Need instant data on how many papers were marked by each assessors last month for payment purposes? eMarking lets you break down total papers marked by each assessors. As well as providing data for billing assessors, you can also drill into individual assessors and asses performance.

Maybe you want to get an overview of overdue papers, or generate management reports for senior level. The benefit of eMarking is that we can set up customisable reports; so whatever gets measured gets reported.

Request a one-month free trial

The best way for you to see the benefits of eMarking is to try it for yourself. Request a no obligation one month free trial today. We don’t need any payment details and you can have it set up and running within 24 hours.

Email letstalk@psp-it.co.uk or phone 0722377 to start yours.

Find out more about eMarking: www.emarking.com

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