Four Quick Outlook Tips To Improve Productivity & Impress Colleagues

19th December 2018

If you’re having a quiet week in the run up to Christmas, here is something you can do now, today, to make your life easier.
Practise using these 4 BRILLIANT, easy-to-use Outlook tools you may not know existed:

1. Add a screenshot to an email in 4 keystrokes
2. Use Quick Steps to speed up sorting your email
3. Use Search Folders for permanent search results
4. Use Quick Parts to add blocks of text or other content

You can then impress all your workmates by showing them when they next need help!

1. Quickly Add A Screenshot To An Email

Add a screenshot of any open window to your email
How many times have your IT department asked you to send a screenshot but you’ve had to use the snip or copy/paste tools to do so. NOT ANY MORE!

Useful for: Quickly adding a screenshot to your email
How to find:
Open a new email
Click on the main content section (to un-grey options at the top)
Click on the “Insert” tab
Click on “Screenshot” or the icon in the “Illustrations” selection

Outlook Tips & Tricks - screenshot

You’ll be presented with a selection of all the windows you have open that aren’t minimised.

Select one and
HEY PRESTO – the screenshot is in your email!


2. Quick Steps
Use quick steps to sort through your email.

Useful for: Whizzing through your emails every morning (or any one of the hundreds of times we check our emails each day).
How to find:
With an email selected, Quick steps gives you one-click options to:

• Forward it to your manager or any pre-defined person
• Forward or copy it to a folder
• Mark it as complete and move to an allocated folder
• Reply and delete
• It will also add all your colleagues automatically and allow you to create a “team email” in one click

You can create your own quick steps and there are lots of other options, such as:

• “Forward message as an attachment”
• “Create appointment with text of message”
• “Create a task with attachment” and many more….


3. New Search Folder
Create a new folder for common searches

Outlook Tricks - New Search Folder
Do you often find yourself having to search for a particular topic, or for files from a particular customer or supplier in a hurry whilst in a meeting or on the phone?

Useful for: cutting down key strokes for certain repetitive tasks
• Grouping mail from a particular person
• Grouping mail containing a particular word or phrase
• This tool is just a search folder – mail isn’t kept here permanently and can still be found in your inbox.
Where to find:
Click on the “Folder” tab in Outlook Tracker then click on “new Search Folder”


4. Quick Parts
If you email the same text to groups of customers, colleagues or suppliers, then you will love Quick Parts. It allows you to add whole blocks of text with just 4 clicks.

Useful for: Sending the same blocks of text
How to find:
Open a new message
Click on the main content area where you type
Click on the Insert tab
Find “Quick Parts” in the “Text” section

Outlook Tricks - Quick Parts

To add new text, type it into the email content area and then select it
Go into “Quick parts” and click on “Save selection to quick part gallery”
You can then label this text so you can easily find it
To add the text to future emails, simply click on to “Quick parts” and then “Autotext”.


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