13th August 2019

Need An Award Website For Your Awards Event?

Need An Award Website For Your Awards Event?

We can help! We’re really pleased to offer new stunning, contemporary awards websites designed and built specifically for awards evenings and similar events. We have the intrinsic functionality in place to build upon to create glittering, contemporary events and awards websites that are fully bespoke to promote your exclusive event. Our awards websites are an exciting new addition to our portfolio of specialist websites.

Why do I need a website for awards events?

Think of all the stages involved in planning an awards event…. All the following points need planning and finalising before the big day:

  • Themes & branding for the event
  • Dates and times
  • Timeline of tasks & completion dates
  • Promotion and marketing of the event
  • Budgets
  • Hosts
  • Lighting, music & production criteria
  • Rehearsals
  • Speeches
  • Scripts
  • Floor plans and seating arrangements
  • Photographer
  • Sponsors
  • Judges
  • Programme
  • Awards details – names and categories
  • Guests
  • Venue
  • Winners and nominees

It’s an extremely long list!
However, managing your event will be significantly easier by using a fully functional awards website.

What do our awards websites feature?

The website will act as a central hub for everyone involved in the awards event. The website will:

  • Promote the details of the event: dates, venue, times, award categories, judges, sponsors and so on. Rather than having to forward these details on to all stakeholders, you can simply send them a link to the website.
  • Explain the procedure for entering the awards, providing a secure portal for people to enter and upload any associated documents. There is no need for a member of staff to be receiving and filing rewards entries and details, it is all done automatically in the website.
  • Introduce the judges, describe the judging process and allow judges to go into the portal and download all entries and supporting documents. No need for anyone to send out information to judges and oversee the judging process. They can access everything and complete the task themselves.
  • Act as a live floor/seating plan, handling all ticket, table and seat bookings, allowing people to view the floor and table plans, select their chosen seats and pay.
  • Allow businesses to view all the information about, and benefits of, sponsoring the event. Enables sponsors to sign up as sponsors and pay online.

Link directly to your CRM system, ensuring that any actions taken by contacts is recorded in your CRM for all departments to access.

Benefits or our specialist events websites

  1. Time saving
    With all the functionality that enables visitors to carry out tasks that employees would usually need to manage, a significant amount of time is saved.
  2. Improved user experience
    Our specialist awards website offer a improvement for visitors, giving users the opportunity to enter, sponsor or judge the awards, there and then without needing to contact you separately. This saves website visitors a lot of time and hassle.
  3. Organisational
    The websites act as a real time hub for anyone involved in the event organisation or monitoring. Event managers and team members can see what tables have been booked, by who, who has entered and what documents they have uploaded and see who has signed up for sponsorship. It makes management and team working much easier.
  4. Financial
    The events websites keep all the financial details and bookings of seats or tables in ones place. It’s easy to download reports showing who has booked and paid and how much income has been generated.
  5. CRM
    Instant delivery of contact activity is delivered to your CRM system, keeping everything up to date. Sales and marketing teams can see which contacts have signed up and who they need to follow up.
  6. GDPR
    The required consents can be recorded for taking people’s data, ensuring that you stay GDPR compliant.

Case Study

The recent FPC Fresh Awards website we built for our longstanding clients, the Fresh Product Consortium, was a great success. FPC run a huge awards event, held in 2019 at the Tower of London. The FPC award website saved a significant amount of time for the event management team and made the organisation and smooth running of the event much more straightforward.

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