10th December 2015

Speed up document formatting!

Speed up document formatting!

As we all know from experience Word has its quirks and likes to sometimes ‘do its own thing’ this can make editing a document an admin chore which is just not needed in your day-to-day activities. Therefore the prominent Styles feature of Word can help you achieve a ‘good looking’ document.

Understanding, using and modifying pre-set styles

Using Styles means you can apply formatting throughout a document or set of documents. Most business documents can be structured using main headings (Heading 1), sub headings and sub-sub headings (Heading 2, Heading 3 and so on) styles which are already provided as standard in Word.


To apply an existing style

  • Using the mouse (or Shift and the arrows/home/end keys) select the text you want to apply a new style to


  • In the Home Ribbon locate the Styles box and click on the required style, in this example Title

  • The text is updated to match the chosen style.

Setting up Headings with Numbers

Sometimes especially with report type documents you may want to using number headings throughout your document. Don’t worry it’s as easy as:

  • In the Home Ribbon locate the Multilevel List icon within the Paragraph group and click on it, a dropdown menu will appear


  • From this dropdown menu you need to look for the option which shows the 1 Heading, 1.1 Heading 1.1.1 Heading in this example it’s the sixth option
  • Click on this option, your document will be automatically updated to contain numbered headings, you will also notice that the styles are updated, therefore any new headings added they will take the same style and the numbering will continue

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