Want to Modify a Pre-Set Style?

Do you have an important document that needs a tweak to the pre-set/used style and want to achieve this without having to go through the entire document and update it manually?

You might want to apply a change to a default setting for a particular pre-set style to modify the font or size of a particular heading style. Using Microsoft Word 2013 the following steps detail how to do this.

  • From the Styles box on the Home Ribbon, right mouse click on the Style you want to amend, this will show a dropdown menu

  • From the dropdown menu click on Modify, this will open the Modify Style dialog box/window and simple formatting changes can be made from the tools within the centre of this box

  • Changing the colour, font and size is done in the same way as if you were doing this inside the document

  • For additional formatting options, such as indents or to specify spacing before/after a paragraph/heading, click on the Format button

You will notice that the Style is updated in the Styles group box and you can see this on the example below:

Who knew updating a pre-set style could be so easy? No more manual, time consuming alterations on documents!

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