Business Process


1. Design

Start with a plan

Every project starts with a plan. We work to agree a full specification with you before any development takes place. We document the deliverables and ask for your full agreement. We also agree the testing phase at the beginning of every project so there are no time delays. Finally, we schedule your project with our team and give you a realistic time scale for your work.

PSP IT Design & Development

2. Development

Building the Dream

Each project is managed by a project lead who identifies the most appropriate skill set within our experienced development team to build your project. We work to strict pre-agreed financial guidelines and communicate progress to clients at regular intervals.

PSP IT Design & Development

3. Testing

Testing is Crucial

PSP’s User Acceptance Testing team is deliberately located in a separate environment from the development team and works independently on behalf of the client to find and fix any glitches. Our team will run through every aspect of the project in fine detail sifting through functionality, testing on different browsers and mobile devices and even correcting the odd grammar gremlin. We regard UAT as an absolutely crucial part of the project process and test each and everyone of our projects before go live.

PSP IT Design & Development

4. Support

Supporting growth

Once the project has gone live, it’s over to you to start using it in the way that best meets your business needs. You may decide to add or change functionality, add content or automate more processes. As all of our client projects include a maintenance contract managed by our customer services team, you have the flexibility and expertise of an experienced team to support your project as it evolves.

PSP IT Design & Development