15th January 2019

Launch of exciting new executive management training side of our business, now available for bookings!

Launch of exciting new executive management training side of our business, now available for bookings!

To coincide with our tenth anniversary year, we’re bringing the quality of the larger city-based executive training centres to a luxurious environment here in South Lincolnshire, saving you the time and expense of travelling further afield. Our unrivalled training centre is unique, being the only training provider in the area to offer:

• An exceptional learning environment with stunning facilities and free parking
• State of the art technology, ideal for professional training
• Highly qualified trainers, specialists in their respective areas of expertise
• Flexible learning in small groups with bespoke training available

All here in Spalding, right on your doorstep.  See the new website here.

Why set up a training centre?

Just over two and a half years ago, to extend the footprint and accommodate the substantial growth of PSP-IT, we purchased the building adjacent to our head office. The immediate and most important purpose of the purchase was to offer our clients a fully-equipped, specialised environment for close working with our development and customer services teams to perfect projects and run through final approvals.

However, the longer term aim has always been to create an impressive environment for executive room hire and outstanding facilities perfect for senior leadership training.

With our popular room hire service operating successfully for over a year now, we’re ready to launch the training centre, specialising in executive management skills and emotional intelligence & leadership.

Why use PSP Training?

We offer a service that is unique in South Lincolnshire. Our facilities are exceptional and our focus on emotional intelligence and leadership through personality profiling is contemporary and relevant. Our trainer for this area of expertise has completed a five year doctorate focused on working within complex environments. As a seasoned Organisational Development specialist she is qualified in the in the use of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. She regularly works with senior management in a wide range of business environments and understands the stresses and strains that make the roles unique.

Our facilities include various rooms that are available for different training requirements, from an 18-seater training suite to a computer training suite with 6 individual workstations. All courses are fully catered with refreshments as required and parking is available free of charge. There are break out areas, restroom facilities, temperature controlled heating, a 9 foot projector screen and 65” touch screen with camera for video conferencing in our largest suite.

You will have everything you need to facilitate learning from the perfect environment and catering to the best trainers and relevant courses.

Why focus on Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is how somebody manages themselves to be both personally and interpersonally effective. It directly relates to an individual’s effectiveness and performance at work.

Over the last two decades, researchers have found Emotional Intelligence to be a critical factor in distinguishing high performers and an important determinant of effective leadership and life success.
Businesses that lack Emotional Intelligence may see rigid or defensive behaviour in their people, poor team working, low levels of personal resilience and reoccurring emotional outbursts. Businesses high in Emotional Intelligence benefit from more engaged employees and leaders, staff who are more able to adapt and cope with change, better team working, collaboration and innovation.

Our workshops will give you an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and the impact that it can have on individual, team and business success.

What other courses do we offer?

• Leadership Development
• Excel – all levels, including advanced automation
• Team Leading
• Management training
• Assertiveness training
• Setting Appraisals and Managing Performance
• Time Management

In addition, using the fascinating insights afforded by personality profiling, we offer two courses that look at managing teams through personality profiling and emotional intelligence. These courses include the completion and analysis of each attendee’s own JCA Global Personality Profile.

Need something else?

If the training you need for your business isn’t listed at present or doesn’t meet your exact requirements, then get in touch. There is every chance that we’ll be able to supply exactly what you need either here at PSP Business Services or at your premises if you prefer.

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