Vision CRM Business IT system for Fairnet Commercial Services

18th June 2014

Fairnet Commercial Services were looking for a company that could provide a solution that would be able to accommodate their internal and external facing systems and felt the Vision platform would be an ideal solution and have selected PSP as the company to design and deliver this.

A cross functional working team made up of operational staff and management from PSP and FCS met last week to identify all the business activity that will go into the new IT system and the integration needed between the proposed back-office application and the FCS website.  

The workshop gave PSP a good opportunity to understand the current systems and to identify the current business activity and also enabled us to identify other areas where potential improvements could be made. The output of this, and subsequent meetings will now be converted into a detailed specification enabling customer review and sign-off.

Using the Vision platform our team of developers will develop specific business logic and reporting to suit the FCS organisation and any application interfaces (API’s) needed for extending functionality from the internal application to their network of agents and local consultants who will be working remotely.

The resulting system will be a streamlined integrated solution that will enable FCS to continue to deliver a first class service to their customers and local consultants.  This is an exciting project for both organisations and we look forward to working with FCS on this implementation.

Find out more about FCS here > Fairnet Commercial Service

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