22nd July 2020


New visionary energy comparison CRM system for Fairnet Commercial Services goes live

Software development company PSP-IT created bespoke software for UK business

After working closely with the Spalding-based commercial energy broker to build a system that caters to their exact needs, PSP-IT have recently launched the new Vision Energy CRM system for Fairnet Commercial Services, which seamlessly integrates their internal and external facing systems.

Fairnet were looking for a solution that eradicates the manual task of manually managing invoices and tracks every aspect of their service. Resulting in the new fully automated CRM system which saves time, increases productivity and improves communication between the workforce.

Fully Automated CRM

Vision Energy CRM module allows FCS to find the best comparison rates for their clients from across the energy sector and produces accurate billing. The advanced client management system ensures they can provide their clients with the best possible tariffs, with excellent customer service and minimum hassle.

The fully automated CRM improves workflow by automatically calculating estimated readings and allowing staff to update customer details with ease.

The easy-to-use system compares the prices of energy rates across the sector on all meter types and allows FCS to accurately keep suppliers and customers up to date, ensuring a highly efficient and organised process which improves customer satisfaction and synergy within the team.

The system automatically generates estimated annual usage based on previous readings, and new meter readings can be entered for instantaneous, accurate billing. With the click of a mouse, users can send pre-designed emails to customers for a range of criteria in order to reduce time spent on re-writing recurring emails.

One of Fairnet’s requirements was to be able to monitor and track commission details and payments. We adapted the system to include commission reports, individual consultants and track both commission paid, and commission owed.


  • Seamlessly integrated software allows staff to easily update and manage customer details, contract types, meter reads and provide estimate and actual meter readings.
  • Fully automated system has everything in one place, saving time and increasing customer service
  • The easy to navigate system provides a smooth and seamless process from start to finish
  • Being built to their requirements, the system is tailored to their every need and understands the fundamental requirements of the energy sector
  • The system allows data migration, meaning FCS can import existing data to keep their old and new records all in one place



The Vision Energy CRM system is an example of how we work closely with clients to make our fully customisable Vision CRM system adapted exactly to their requirements.


If your business requires custom-built software, get in touch today and speak to our IT specialists. Our team possess a high depth of knowledge across IT development and management, meaning we can tailor to every need.

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