Fairnet Commercial Services VISION Energy

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Fairnet Commercial Services VISION Energy
Fairnet Commercial Services VISION Energy

Fairnet Commercial Services, a Spalding-based energy broker for UK businesses, approached PSP-IT to design and develop a new fully-operation CRM to be used in their day to day operations and replace their current web-based tool.

This new CRM was to be used to manage all clients and use all the internal information to help the team find the best prices for all their clients in a much more time efficient manner.


After consulting with the client and understanding their processes and challenges, we identified these key requirements:

• A user-friendly CRM system to manage all aspects of the client's business
• The ability to update the fields within the CRM per user preference
• Built with integration with web in mind as this will be in a further phase
• Ability to keep Client & Supplier data secure as it's all kept within the client's network
• Accurately calculate billing and estimated readings


The initial phase of the development consisted of PSP producing a functional specification to outline all the requirements for the new CRM. The specification covered, in detail, the technical and development requirements to build a new Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for Fairnet Commercial Services.

Detailed within the specification were the fields: pages; workflow and logic, required within the CRM. The functional specification was handed over for review and sign off. Once both parties had signed the document, PSP began development.

PSP-IT determined its modular Vision CRM had the capabilities to be adapted to meet Fairnet’s industry-specific needs. Remodelling the already powerful CRM meant PSP were able to build a fully functioning and bespoke system which met every aspect and detail of the client’s specifications. Adapting PSP’s very own modular means every client has a unique CRM, therefore no client will ever have the same Vision.

The easy to use system compares the prices of energy rates across the sector on all meter types and allows FCS to accurately keep suppliers and customers up to date.


The new CRM system eradicates the task of manually tracking invoices and tacks every aspect of their service. Resulting in the Vision Energy CRM which saves time, increases productivity and improves communication within the workforce.

• Everything in one place
• Very user friendly
• Much quicker to complete price comparisons and therefore send pricing to clients
• Easy to navigate
• Automatically calculates and generates estimated usage
• Pre-designed email templates for a range of criteria, including reading requests, reduces time for staff
• Improves customer satisfaction
• Commission details and payments can be tracked
• Data Migration means existing data can be imported to keep their old and new records in one place

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