Nebosh Online Marking Tool

Website Development, IT System Integration

Nebosh Online Marking Tool
Nebosh Online Marking Tool

Nebosh approached PSP to create an online marking too to make improvements on how they currently operated. They needed Examiners to be able to log in from anywhere and mark exams.


Nebosh approached PSP IT Design and Development to build them:

  • A crisp, clean and simple to use Web tool
  • The ability to navigate and use the tool easily
  • Ability to be accessed from anywhere
  • Emails to examiners advising them when Exams had been allocated for marking and if they’ve missed any dealines


The initial phase of the development consisted of PSP producing a creating a web version of their Vision CM. This would mean that employees and examiners could access the tool and do their work from anywhere as majority of examiners work from home.

Nebosh employees were given administrationa abilities to assist examiners in their day to day. Examiners were given full marking abilities on desktop and some abilities to perform this on mobile also.

The new online marking tool was developed using the DevExpress platform, including the addition of responsive pages for usage on a range of screen sizes.


  • Powerful and easy to use for front end examiners
  • Ability to perform tasks from anywhere