Accessible Website Design

Do you need an Accessible Website?

Accessible  Website Design
Accessible  Website Design

Do you have a legal or business requirement to provide an accessible website to customers with visual impairments? Or a business need to increase the accessibility of your website by disabled customers?

PSP's experience in developing Accessible website environments means we can advise and develop sites that work for a wide variety of customers giving a comfortable and intuitive browsing experience for all.

Our experienced team of developers use techniques and tools that meet all the latest guidelines for Accessible design. And our customer services team are skilled at testing specifically for the Accessible design environment. 


If you know that you need to incorporate Accessible design principles into your new website, let PSP-IT manage the process with our experienced development and user testing teams. 

We have a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise in designing using Accessible design principles. We can use a variety of techniques to make your website more accesible to the disabled and visually impaired communities.


PSP-IT design Accessible websites that meet UK government WCAG 2.0 design principles. Our accessible design principles include;
• Making content easier to read by changing browser setting and contrast settings
• Including a screen reader to ‘read’ (speak) content out loud
• Including a screen magnifier to enlarge part or all of a screen
• Using valid HTML so user agents, including assistive technologies, can accurately interpret and parse content
• Enabling assistive technologies to know what every feature is for and what state it’s currently in

We also test explicitly for accessibility requirements in addition to our regular testing processes.  

PSP's Expertise

The PSP-IT design and development team have years of experience in Accessible website development. We can build and test Accessible websites that meet and exceed your accessibility needs.

And don't just take our word for it! A recent Accessible website design client told us;

"Following our recent Lexcel Re-Assessment ... the Assessor was highly complementary on how well our new website catered for the disabled and in particular, the partially sighted. We would like to give PSP a massive thank you in helping us produce such a website and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them in the future.”

Read more about our most recent Accessible Website Design project here;


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