IT System Integration

Connect All Your Business Data

Do you rely on multiple IT applications to run your business?

Do you have a different system for each department and want to bring these all together?

Businesses have recognised that having good software is simply not enough to help them hit their targets. You may be using the very latest in technology and the most user-friendly software on the market, however juggling multiple systems is enough to bring down the productivity of any workforce.

System integration is a process that connects all these IT systems and applications, enabling your separate systems to work as a whole.

Connect All Your Business Data
Streamlining And Automation

Streamlining And Automation

With system integration, there will be no more searching through multiple systems; improving your staff productivity with the removal of non-value added tasks. By integrating your separate systems, you are providing your staff more time to analyse data, rather than processing data. With the help of PSP's business analysts and senior developers, we can identify and implement a sustainable integration that makes your systems easier to manage and improve their ability to integrate with future technologies.

Integrating your separate systems has many benefits, including:

  • No more spreadsheets
  • See overall perspective of business
  • Improved collaboration between users and staff
  • Make instant business decisions based on reliable data
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved customer service, support and retention
  • Reduced operation costs and increased revenue
  • Better Internal communication
  • Increased competitive edge

Achieve More With Your Applications

By integrating all your critical business software, you have instant access to real-time business data. Enabling all your systems to “talk to each other” means you can manage business data in one place. Generate custom business reports within seconds and make data-rich business decisions.

A system integration project will see improved workplace performance and boosted business efficiency. All this leads to reduced operational costs and a measurable ROI.


Achieve More With Your Applications
Legacy System Integration

Legacy System Integration

A lot of companies who have been in business for decades may be running their business operations on old, legacy systems.

These systems are critical to a business as they still perform the functions they were built for many years ago. However, their age and lack of ready-made interfacing capability makes integration with modern applications difficult.

We solve this challenge by securely allowing the legacy system to continue running on-premise while communicating with your cloud-based environments. With PSP’s legacy system integration service, all data that is passed from on-premise to the cloud is encrypted and authorisation is restricted.


Save Operational Costs

As well as cutting cost by eliminating the need for repetitive cost, the central storage also eradicates the need for multiple data stores for the same data. So, you can scrap those systems that perform the same function, overlap data or are simply no longer needed once your systems are streamlined.

Recently, we delivered a £300,000 per year saving for one of our clients when undergoing this service.

Read more about that here.

Save Operational Costs
Your End-To-End Partner

Your End-To-End Partner

Our in-house team has completed more than 100 digital projects. We have worked across several industries to provide organisations with a digital-first future.

We are proud to offer cradle-to-the-grave solutions to our clients, where we support them from the initial consultation stage, through to after-care support.

We have a team of award-winning project managers and business analysts who work closely with you from the outset to ensure the project delivers genuine added business value.

By using detailed test plans, our development team builds you the perfect custom solution that is fully aligned with your business.

Before the launch, our testers carry out extensive quality assurance (QA) to ensure your final product is oven-ready for your organisation.

Our clients regularly compliment us on how smooth their go-live went and how they felt in safe hands throughout the entirety of the project.

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