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Our Experience

For over a decade, we’ve been a trusted partner for several legal and finance firms. In that time, our team of skilled developers have modernised systems, developed bespoke software and built high-converting websites.

We are a fully accredited Microsoft Gold Partner with skills in development, integration and cloud services. This means the digital solutions we design, develop and execute will work seamlessly with your other systems.

Also, we have our Cyber Essentials certification. Which gives you peace of mind that your defenses will be better protected from cyber threats.

Our Experience
Custom Software And User-Friendly Websites

Custom Software And User-Friendly Websites

Our legal and financial services software has helped banks, investment companies and law firms become more adaptable and ensure compliance in a challenging digital world.

Whether you’re looking to invest in your customer-facing applications or internal infrastructure, we have over a decade of experience delivering projects on time and on budget. At PSP, we have developed user-friendly applications and websites, custom software development and integrated multiple IT systems into one streamlined platform with a real-time reporting portal.

Access To Information When You Need It

Our technology ensures you have real-time access to all the data you need. We’ve found a lot of legal firms have masses of data deep-rooted within their legacy systems. This data could be fundamental to making more data-driven decisions within the company.

We have a team of expert developers who can build a custom solution that suits your business needs. We are skilled in taking over legacy systems, upgrading them and making it easier for organisations to extract data.

If it’s a new system you’re looking for, we have built custom management systems that are enriched with an abundance of features:

  • Cloud-based
  • Modern and easy-to-use dashboards
  • Real-time business data
  • Payment automation
  • Integrated with third-party apps
  • Collaboration tools
  • Helpdesk and time management
  • Document and case management
  • Contact/customer management

Access To Information When You Need It
Your End To End Digital Partner

Your End To End Digital Partner

PSP has more than 14 years of experience planning, designing, developing and deploying fit-for-purpose digital solutions.

We focus on your People, Systems and Process (PSP) to develop a solution that is perfectly suited to your business and delivers real business value.

At the start of any project, our business analysts work closely with you to outline the requirements for the development. They make detailed project plans which are passed to our development team, once approved by you.

We have an in-house team of software testers who conduct acceptance testing, manual testing and automated testing. We believe these are the two most important stages of any development project; identifying the key outcomes and ensuring the final solution meets these.

Our project and customer support teams support you from the concept stage, through to the launch. They are also on hand after the go-live to support with training, enhancements and maintenance.

Leading-Edge Digital Solutions
Energy Broker CRM

Energy broker CRM that compared energy prices and automated a significant chunk of administration workload....

Infrastructure and IT review saves client £300k in cost

Our outsourced IT Management service substantially reduced a global awarding body's yearly IT costs....

NEBOSH Online Marking Software

Automated web-based assessment marking software that automatically allocates papers and tracks the status of every asessment that’s out for marking....

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