Legacy System Modernisation

We can transform your slow legacy software to a powerful system that will rejuvenate your business

Legacy system support and modernisation

Our legacy system modernisation and support service means you do not have to struggle with daily challenges of outdated legacy systems. PSP IT will seamlessly replace or rebuild legacy systems to enable your business to continue without disruption.

PSP IT has vast experience taking over complicated legacy systems and managing them under a maintenance contract. We support many different types of systems, software and processes, including:

  • Legacy CRM systems
  • Legacy ERP systems
  • Legacy payroll systems
  • Legacy data warehouse
  • Legacy system modernisation
  • Legacy system migration
  • Legacy application transformation


What are legacy systems?


A legacy system is an outdated or unsupported system that is still used within a business, despite there being an updated version available.

Despite many organisations still relying on legacy IT systems, they can obstruct business growth and lead to significant operational costs. Developers with legacy knowledge is getting harder to find in an ever-thinning talent pool, the technology is unreliable and expensive, while the increased security risks make it even more important to modernise and optimising it.


Top reasons for updating legacy systems


  • Our legacy system is slow and cumbersome and we want to improve its speed, performance, look and feel.
  • Our legacy systems need attention but don't want have the money to rip and replace
  • The tech our systems used is outdated and we're concerned about its reliability
  • We can't adapt quickly to business challenges and market change
  • We'd like to be able to automate tedious administration tasks such as data entry, invoice generation and event registration

We understand adopting modern software can be a daunting prospect for many businesses. PSP IT can deliver you a successful legacy system modernisation project that will result in:

  • Removal of time-consuming tasks
  • Ability for you to integrate modern third-party applications
  • Significant business value from benefits as cloud computing, big data and mobile-accessible CRM system
  • More productive and happier workforce

44% CIOs believe that complex legacy technologies pose a significant barrier to the company's digital transformation. Modernising your legacy technology is now a question of "when" and not "why".

Request a consultation with PSP today to see how we can get more from your system, tighten your security and save you money.

Minimising risk, cost and impact...

Sometimes new isn't better. There are times in the life of any business when a legacy system fits the brief better than a new or 'off the shelf' product. Some of the many reasons why companies need legacy systems support can be;

  • When the existing system is still fit for purpose but cannot be supported internally due to staff changes
  • When there are challenges to the ROI on existing systems
  • In order to bypass vendor lock-in or punitive contracts
  • Retraining support personnel is too expensive for the foreseeable future
  • When the existing system is still fit or purpose or there is purely and simply no need for a new system

When these situations occur, you need a team that you can trust to deliver systems support accurately, intuitively and cost-effectively.


Need a systems health check? Speak to our Microsoft Gold accredited experts: letstalk@psp-it.co.uk

PSP's Approach

Whether you are looking to modernise your legacy technology, or for trusted legacy system support, you are in safe hands. As a first step, we'll devote our time to understanding your business, its current issues and what your technology needs to deliver. We take on board employees' suggested improvements, plus any functionality that must remain for them to be able to do their job.

Understanding your people, systems and process (PSP) is the most crucial part of the process as every project is unique to each company.

We also meticulously analyse and document your existing systems before supplying you with a design of our proposal so you can visualise how your system will look, feel and work.

Most legacy systems support solutions are provided using an ongoing maintenance agreement with PSP-IT acting as an additional virtual team member working to your project specifications. A timetable of patches, fixes and backwards compatibility programming will be agreed on an individual basis and to suit your budget.

PSP-IT then manages your project using our tried and tested project management processes. And our full process documentation ensures that you can manage costs closely.

You can review our process driven approach here: https://psp-it.co.uk/business-process/

PSP's Experience

PSP-IT is a trustworthy partner for your legacy systems support requirements. We have the experience and integrity to support you in your complex legacy systems needs providing a safe pair of hands until you are ready to move on. 

We are a Microsoft Gold partner combining more than 100 years' combined experience with exceptional customer service. We use the very latest, powerful technologies to build you a powerful system that will rejuvenate your business and drive efficiencies.

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