Outsource IT Strategy and Management

Strategic IT Planning

Our IT strategy planning will solve the current IT problems your business is facing and outline a long term roadmap for your business based on the overarching needs of the organisation.

System technology and capabilities are constantly evolving and a robust IT strategy will ensure your company is getting the most out of your tech to reduce risk, improve processes and support business objectives.

Our long-term strategy will ensure your IT resources and capabilities lineiup with your business requirements to create value for the organisation.

Strategic IT Planning
Agile Management Service

Agile Management Service

We understand many SMEs cannot justify having permanent senior level managers or directors in every discipline, including IT. To enable you to bring in specialists at a suitable time and investment level, we have created an 'agile management' service. This has the flexibility to deliver results without locking you into unmanageable investment.

Our approach when providing IT management focuses on ensuring that your IT strategy, policies and investment truly support your wider business strategy. There is a high level of risk management, because we make sure that your decisions about IT do not lead to unnecessary expenditure or inappropriate systems.

Specialist and Strategic Support

Specific IT areas that we can advise on and manage include:

  • Management information. We can suggest and implement systems that deliver superb information using existing data for improved decision making
  • Disaster recovery. Comprehensive policies and plans can be put in place for anticipating and mitigating the impact of various scenarios
  • Security. Effective management of the threats and risks to your business is essential and we can deliver a best-practice security management system
  • Compliance. We can ensure your systems support your compliance objectives, including PCI compliance for credit card processing
  • Group operating policies. We can help you define, produce and implement group operating policies for IT following industry best practice

Specialist and Strategic Support
Gain A Competitive Advantage

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Managing internal IT teams, external suppliers and complex IT systems is an ongoing challenge for organisation of all sizes.

By outsourcing your IT management, you have tons of resources at your disposal for whenever IT challenges come your way. It's a cost-effective way to having an array of expertise in your business without paying the full-time salary. You will gain the following benefits:

  • Scalability
  • Access to a large pool of specialist knowledge
  • Resource on hand for a specific task, project or objective
  • Make better use of internal resources
  • You can focus on your company objectives and value-added activity, rather than managing your IT teams

Extend Your Skills Base

Outsourcing your IT management to PSP gives you access to a breadth of new skills and technology. Our outsource team draws on experience from several IT disciplines including manufacturing, logistics, retail and industry bodies to their strategic roadmap for their IT systems and solutions using our structured approach to analysis, planning and implementation.

Our independent process brings in an external viewpoint and input. By breaking down internal barriers and implementing the latest technology practices, your IT strategy will allow you to be more flexible to changes in your business environment and more responsive to the needs of your customers.

By leaving your IT management in our trusted hands, you will have more time to concentrate on your business and focus on value-added tasks.

Extend Your Skills Base
Working With You

Working With You

We'll take over the management of your technology and make sure it is delivering you the best value. We can streamline your business's IT, making your infrastructure more efficient with an improved strategic focus. Our work is fully transparent and we will measure all the data you need to measure, communicating in a jargon-free language you'll understand.

Leave all the updates, reboots, crises and cyber security to us, while you focus on your business knowing your IT is left in safe hands.

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