Outsource IT Strategy and Management

Outsourcing IT Strategy and Management Services

Outsource IT Strategy and Management
Outsource IT Strategy and Management

The IT systems of businesses in 2019 are under ever increasing pressure to deliver more using fewer resources. Customers and stakeholders demand products or services of a consistently high quality in the face of increasing competition and a rapidly evolving technical environment.

To meet these requirements you need a flexible IT specialist with a detailed knowledge of the evolving platforms, systems and techniques that are currently available. It’s difficult to ensure that internal IT teams are fully trained and up to date with all the latest technologies and training is frequently expensive and takes your staff out of the business when you need them there.

PSP-IT’s outsource team have experience in IT outsource strategy management in systems-driven industries. They will work with you to understand the unique demands of your business and will be able to build strategies that will deliver the results you need to achieve using the resources you have available. We’ll ensure that you aren’t constrained by your business systems, infrastructure costs or headcount and help to reduce the stress and costs caused by ineffective internal resources.

Outsource Your Digital Strategy

With the digital landscape evolving so rapidly, assisting customers with their digital strategy is one of our most frequently requested services. The sheer number of digital platforms available in 2019 with which customers can engage with a business is bewildering.
Most organisations that we work with have no idea of how 2019 technology can offer increasingly intelligent automation that, once set up, will save significant manpower and resource. It will do this while gathering more information that enables organisations to learn even more about their customers, offer a superior service and secure much higher rates of engagement. All resulting in higher sales and improved ROI.

Our long-term work on digital strategy with the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has involved assessing their digital engagement platforms to see what they are delivering now and what they will need to deliver in the future. CIPS are a membership organisation with whom customers interact at a range of levels from simply buying a book to registering as a member and visiting the membership area to book courses and examinations. CIPS have challenging targets concerning personalisation, segmentation and data capture and analysis. Their very targeted marketing is based on triggering by customer behaviour and customer needs.

We’ve worked with CIPS and other membership organisations on their digital strategies on a regular basis and are familiar with the level of detail that they need to achieve. Very often, organisations don’t actually realise what is possible to do with the latest digital platforms but we’re able to look at your requirements and take you up to the next level.

Outsource Your Systems Strategy

Systems strategy is all about understanding your business strategy and ensuring that your systems infrastructure supports your business and your customers. Organisations may have a whole range of different systems that may be interconnected or completely separate from each other. These include CRM, finance, quality, production planning, project management and so on. There are also hosting options – do you host in-house, externally or in the cloud?

We will identify all your organisational inputs, your organisational capability, available resources and how you wish to operate in the future. We can then make a series of recommendations about a system infrastructure that will best support you going forward.

Our work with Rutland Cycling is a good example of this systems strategy support. We first worked with Rutland Cycling approximately 5 years ago when we built their 5-year strategy. The business has gone from strength to strength, with 13 stores and another opening shortly. We’re looking forward to going back in to work with them on their next 3-5 year strategy.


With so many ways in which IT can be leveraged, how can you make the most effective use of tools and processes for your business with limited resources and time? 

We can help you get the most from your internal teams, suppliers and systems; identify ways to improve processing and efficiencies using systems; develop a roadmap for systems; identify risks and mitigation; research solutions and future technologies. PSP's Outsource team can advise on many aspects of IT strategy and management drawing on our experience working with clients from major logistical challenges.

PSP-IT's goal is to provide support, integrity and knowledge that proves a sure return on investment for your Outsource project.


There are a number of challenges solved by Outsource IT management. Some of the areas in which PSP-IT can help include the following;

  • Stakeholder engagement - Working with stakeholders to identify business systems priorities
  • Gap Analysis - Identifying gaps between system strategy and business strategy
  • Supplier capability assessment – understanding whether your chosen suppliers meet your needs or whether a different supplier could be a better fit
  • Systems assessment – Are you making best use of the systems you have?
  • Data Management – How to get the best from your data through improved reporting and analysis
  • Integration review – Do your systems share information effectively and can you reduce manual processing?
  • Infrastructure review – Assessing whether your networks, servers and cloud based solutions are adequate and ready for growth
  • Resilience and recoverability – Do you have the right backup and recovery solutions in place?
  • Security – Are your systems secure and protected from cyber security threats?
  • People – Look at the roles you have to support your systems and identify gaps and potential risks. Advising on the most appropriate skill sets to meet your goals

PSP'S Expertise

PSP-IT's outsource team draws on experience from a number of IT disciplines including Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and Industry bodies and have helped companies develop their strategic roadmap for their IT systems and solutions using our structured approach to analysis, planning and implementation.

The initial phase of any Outsource project (strategic analysis) consists of PSP-IT looking at the company’s current operations and objectives against their growth strategy to identify areas where Outsource IT strategy and management could best support the business.
We developed the IT strategy plan and presented it to the Senior Leadership team. The plan is agreed, documented and then our team set up phase two of the project – planning.
During the planning phase PSP-IT develop an operational and management plan including team restructuring, new supplier agreements and new IT systems and software. These are agreed and budgeted and new personnel recruited with skillsets needed to support the strategy.

In the third phase of the project (implementation), PSP-IT advise on requirements in detail, looking at E-Commerce websites, stock management systems, hardware and software requirements and personnel upskilling. We work within the business at regular intervals constantly reviewing the strategy against the day to day running of the business.

Finally (and after an agreed period of time) we undertake a strategic review of the IT strategy against new business aspirations and ensure that the objectives are still being met with the IT infrastructure. This further analysis allows companies to remain agile in their IT strategy planning and implementation.

To see examples of our work view here;

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