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Do you have problems with your applications, or have you just installed a new application and want it thoroughly tested for technical snags and integration capabilities?

PSP's software testing services combine proven methodologies, strong sector expertise and over 120 years of combined experience to deliver reliable and dedicated software testing support.

Since our inception 14 years ago, we quality test every project before proudly showcasing it to the customer. Our diverse in-hosue team of QAs also offer a standalone software testing service for businesses who want to put their new software through a meticulously-planned test.

Whether it's manual testing or automated testing, we provide reliable software QA through both mobile, desktop and web applications.

The Right Solution For Your Business
"Quality Is Never An Accident"

"Quality Is Never An Accident"

"...It is always the result of intelligent effort." (John Ruskin)

Quality assurance means exactly that: assuring a high level of quality within every inch of your software. We take an innovative approach to application, software and web testing to reduce risk, improve quality and strengthen IT performance.

Our software testing process takes painstakingly high attention to detail which involves testing different scenarios, looking at how the software interacts with your other systems and analysing its performance.

Our internal teams work closely with you to achieve the best results quickly and efficiently. We use our experience and skill to explore your applications on a deeper level and think like an end user. We look at:

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • How sequences can be shortened/streamlined
  • Result of end product compared with initial requirements
  • The mindset of the end user
  • End-user experience
  • How does the application perform on target devices?
  • How can requirements be implemented?

Full-Service Testing Agency

We believe that software testing should cover all bases. We are able to combine automated testing with manual testing to save time, increase productivity and improve quality.

Merging these two types of testing means we are combining the skill of trained automation engineers with the attention to detail of a trained software tester.

Automated testing is executed through automation tools which automate a large chunk of the tests for the user. This process is most effective when speeding up the process and ensuring 100% accuracy throughout the tests. We use tools such as Postman and Cucumber.

By utilising the power of automated testing, we can focus more on usability and performance. We carry out a range of manual tests which provide an objective, user-focused look at the software to make sure it fits the exact standards your users expect. We look at the software across multiple devices and browsers.

Our types of testing include:

  • Automated testing
  • Manual testing
  • Security testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • API testing

Full-Service Testing Agency
We Find The Bugs, So Your Users Don't

We Find The Bugs, So Your Users Don't

We've been in the business for 14 years, developing web and software applications for a range of sectors. The testing phase is a crucial stage for every one of our products. As well as checking for snags and ensuring the initial requirements are met, we also test the functionality of the application, the end-user experiences and how the application can be optimised.

Some businesses might overlook the importance of QA because of the time and costs involved. However, our tests save money and time in the long run. By identifying bugs before the software has been deployed, not only are they found before your customers, but in most cases fixing them is cheaper and takes less time in the testing phase than after the launch.

Whether it's a customer-facing website or an internal system used by your staff, the primary objective of any digital product is to provide the best customer experience possible. We've worked with companies who skimmed over the testing phase, which meant they faced loads of snags including customers having problems when trying to sign up or make payments through their website. If your customer's expectations are not met, your brand reputation will suffer, and there is a strong chance they will go to a competitor.

Non-Biased Software Testing

Our software testing centre stands alone from our development team and remains 100% impartial. This means they perform entirely objective software testing that is non-biased, accurate and precise.

In our opinion, some other software developers can fall victim to cognitive bias when testing their products. Unintentionally, developers can have a biased, subjective view when testing their own software. Maybe they're on a deadline, or they simply think they see what they thought was there, not what's actually there.

We have an independent testing team for this very reason. Our testers provide a fresh set of eyes that are trained to investigate all aspects of a piece of software or a website. They bring a completely impartial view to the software, working specifically from the test plans set out from the outset to ensure the required tests are carried out.

Non-Biased Software Testing
We Exceed Expectation

We Exceed Expectation

Our passion for exceeding client expectations is what drives us. Our experienced in-house team can cover everything you need in QA outsourcing. This means that we can provide all services in one place and you do not need to look elsewhere for more complex technical tasks.

By doing everything in-house, we can deliver on any project; from small single-tester engagements to large ongoing QA programmes.

For the past 14 years, businesses across many industries have used our software testing services to improve their system functionality and ensure their products function properly across all platforms.

We cover all platforms, including:

  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Andriod devices
  • iOS devices

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