1st September 2022

4 Ways To Keep Your Legacy System Running Smoothly

4 Ways To Keep Your Legacy System Running Smoothly

Keeping any unsupported system running can be a real headache for directors and staff.

Outdated technology, such as legacy systems, CRMs and database may still do the job they were originally made to do, but they can lose reliability over time. You can also rack up expensive maintenance costs patching bugs and keeping the technology performing.

When your business runs on old code, it’s hard to find professionals who know the technology, making it hard to find a new developer when yours leaves.


1. Outsource your support


By outsourcing your legacy system support, you can bridge the skills gap and bring in experts who have deep knowledge of a wide range of technologies.

When choosing the right vendor for your legacy system support, you benefit from having a team of skilled developers at your disposal.

Another key benefit of outsourced legacy system support is that a supplier will only provide you with the resource and hours you need; nothing more. Which means the support is when you want it, how you want it.


2. Third-party bolt-ons

For decision makers who are reluctant to change their outdated system, using a third-party supplied add-on alongside their current legacy system is the perfect cost-effective alternative.

Also known as ‘add-ons’, these are third-party software that can be easily attached to a client project, including a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). For example, PSP has created specific finance, membership and events programmes for major education providers.

Picture an old, vintage car. The central legacy system is the engine of the vehicle, while adding a bolt-on is similar to adding turbos and other features to make the car perform better. You can also change the shell of the car to make it look cleaner and modern, in the same way you can give an old system a new interface to improve its look and feel.


3. Refactor Approach


If you don’t have the time, money or resource to completely rewrite the code, this is a great alternative.

Refactoring allows you to slowly replace bits and pieces of software over time. This may include fixing errors in the code or simply making the code more readable. The idea is to clean up lines of complex code to make it easier to understand and work with.

You could also decide to split your legacy into separate pieces

There are many benefits to doing it this way, such as:

·      It makes the code easier to understand

·      Legacy becomes easy to maintain and improve

·      Improves performance

·      Cost-effective


4. Move to the cloud


To take your custom software solution or legacy on-premise software to the cloud will require some rewriting of the integrations and changing the architecture of the application. However, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Rather than just a straight forward “lift and shift” to the cloud, the re-platforming approach involves changes the way the app interacts with the database and other apps.

“Lift and shift” (as the name suggests) effectively means moving your legacy system from one place (on-premise) to another (in this case, the cloud).

Re-platforming is a middle-ground approach between “lift and shift” and refactoring. It typically involves moving some parts of the legacy without changing the client so it can function in the cloud.

This means you get to benefit from all the benefits that comes with the cloud, plus a better user experience.


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