Outsourced Software Testing Services

End-To-End Testing

Software testing is essential if you have bought - or own - a piece of business software. By identifying and fixing bugs at the testing stage, we will save your organisation time and money compared to if they were found later down the line. Outsourced testing is one of PSP's core capabilities, which we deliver for both our own projects and for external applications.

Using both manual and automated testing practices, we provide trusted QA to identify ways software can be optimised so it performs its key functions efficiently.

Forefront Of Delivering Quality

Without robust quality assurance, your business risks data loss, downtime and a greater risk of cyber attacks. The damage to your brand reputation is huge, with 88% of online consumers saying they would be less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Our process-driven approach to software testing involves testing different scenarios, checking the security of your system, and exploring your applications on a deeper level to make sure it works as your user expects and ensure it functions properly across all platforms.

Complete Set of QA and Software Testing Services

Security testing

We perform various security checks to make sure your application is safe from vulnerabilities. Have peace of mind that your company data is safe and customers can make secure payments through your website.

Functional testing

Our rigorous functional tests ensure your application meets your requirements and is fit-for-purpose. We also check your application's efficiency.

Integration testing

Applications need to be able to share data between databases and third-party apps. We ensure all components of your software work independently and as a group.

Performance testing

This certifies the reliability and efficiency of your application and reduces risk of downtime. We make sure the system still performs quickly and accurately when subject to high levels of data or requests.

Requirements testing

Also known as acceptance testing, we make sure your software performs every task exactly as it was built to do.

Data testing

Be certain that data from your existing software enters your new fields correctly. Data testing helps prevents data loss, certifies data accuracy and makes sure there is no unauthorised access to any information.

Regression testing

Have you ever changed one piece of code to find it’s broken something else? Our regression tests check a change hasn’t broken everything else on the site. We can perform both manual and automated regression tests.

Manual and automated testing

By using tools such as Cucumber and Postman, we can automate repetitive and time-consuming checks that find bugs faster and allow us to spend more time focusing on performance and usability.

User testing

Our usability testing focuses on the user experience to make sure the application performs exactly how your user expects.

We deliver testing across all devices

Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps

Cloud Apps

Web Apps

Flamingo Flowers

"We have been working with PSP for many years. We have recently engaged with the team to upgrade and extend some of our systems. This has been, quite possibly, the most painless process of this type we have been through! The team has been extremely accommodating, helpful and professional, and has stuck to timelines and budgets entirely.

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