NEBOSH Online Marking Software

Automated web-based assessment marking software that automatically allocates papers and tracks the status of every asessment that’s out for marking.


NEBOSH approached PSP to build an online exam marking platform to streamline their operations. They needed a customisable tool automatically tracked the entire marking process and allowed instant reallocation.

The client needed a system that would eradicate the need to use spreadsheets by automatically allocating papers to markers and tracking the status of every paper that was out for marking. They wanted this to be all on one dashboard for a complete oversight of their examination process.

The National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Healthy (NEBOSH) is an awarding body who award globally recognised health, safety and environmental qualifications.

They approached PSP looking for an examination marking tool that would allow assessors to mark papers on any device and give exam administrators the real time status of every paper.

The requirements for the software were:

  • A crisp, clean and simple to use web tool
  • The ability to navigate and use the tool easily
  • Ability to be accessed from anywhere, on any device
  • Emails to examiners advising them when exams had been allocated for marking and if they've missed any deadlines


The initial phase of the development consisted of PSP creating a web version of their VISION CMS. This would mean that employees and examiners could access the tool and do their work from anywhere as the majority of examiners work from home.

Each examiner is given a unique, secure login and they can access the web tool from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc).

When papers are pulled into the system, they are automatically allocated to examiners based on set criteria. The criteria is customisable and typically includes:

  • Qualifications
  • Language
  • Availability

Each examiner can see all their papers on their personal dashboard, which also includes marking criteria and NEBOSH employees were given administrator abilities which allowed them to:

  • See the status of every paper out for marking: including marker, deadline and status
  • Re-allocate and moderate papers with the click of a mouse
  • See overdue papers
  • See number of scripts marked by each examiner
  • Create custom reports for payment purposes

The new online marking tool was developed using the DevExpress platform, and was designed with responsive pages for usage on a range of screen sizes.

Streamlined Exam Marking

The online marking tool instantly cut a substantial chunk of workload for the client, allowing them to manage, rather than administrate, the process.

Their exam marking process was streamlined thanks to the web-based tool and ensured they delivered a high-quality candidate experience while making operational cost savings.

The automatic scheduling of examiner workload cut administrative workload substantially, while the real time dashboard gave administrators an at-a-glance view of the entire process without the need to manually update spreadsheets.

By working close with the client, we designed, developed and fine-tuned a versatile, fully-functioning system that provided their examination team with a centralised operation system that managed the full assessment and examination lifecycle.

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