Legacy System Modernisation

Achieve More Efficiency and Lower Costs

Older IT systems can lead to slow processes, high costs and vulnerabilities. As well as providing legacy system support, PSP can also upgrade your outdated systems, add functionality and boost their performance

A Catalyst For Digital Transformation

Your legacy system plays a crucial role in your business. We want to build on your existing system to drive your digital transformation. We will give the system a modern upgrade, utilising its core functionality and data.

Breakdown Data Silos

Legacy systems can lead to siloed departments and disparate systems that store data in isolation. PSP can bring your separate data together to improve how your business handles and processes data.

Revolutionise Your Business

If you're looking to update or rebuild your business system, PSP is skilled in updating legacy software. We can update unsupported releases to the latest versions, including PHP, .NET, Oracle, MySQL, JavaScript, C, SharePoint and Visual Basic (VB 6.0).

Our Approaches to Legacy System Modernisation

Improve UI/UX

Do you want to keep your system but give it a more modern look and feel? We can give your legacy system a revitalising facelift by fixing bugs and jazzing up the interface. All this without altering too much in the back end.

Extend Capability

To you want your system to perform more tasks and integrate with other applications? We can build third-party applications that are 'bolted-on' to the legacy system, to bridge the gaps in missing functionality.

Improve Performance

Is your application slow and you spend a lot of money patching bugs? We are experienced in taking over a system, speeding up its performance, extracting all its value and ensuring all its capabilities are utilised.

Extract and Integrate Data

Is your department data stored in silos and you want to bring these all together? We can tweak your legacy system to pass company data into a data warehouse where you can access real-time, accurate data from across your whole organisation.

Migrate Legacy System

Move data from your outdated software to modern infrastructure, such as the cloud, for lower maintenance costs and more compatibility with modern technologies. It also leads to greater flexibility, improved performance and regular updates

Automated Testing

Our team of testers can implement test automation for your legacy system to perform regression, functional and non-functional tests. This will help you spot issues early and save time on manually testing the system after changes have been made.

Why Modernise?

Future-Proof Your IT

Unlock Data & Analytics Opportunities

Improve Client & Employee Satisfaction

Better Performance, Quality and Scalability

"A Faultless Performance"

"We have been working with PSP for many years. We have recently engaged with the team to upgrade and extend some of our systems. This has been, quite possibly the most painless process of this type we have been through! The team has been extremely accommodating, helpful and professional, and has stuck to timelines and budgets entirely. A faultless performance. Thank you!"

Gavin Gill, Group Head of Quality and Compliance, Flamingo Group.

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