Legacy System Support and Modernisation

We keep your critical systems running smoothly

From cloud migration to on-premise systems, we have a proven track record in supporting and upgrading legacy systems to boost their security, dependability and ability to integrate with third-party apps.

Does your organisation use a computer system or software that was developed more than 10 years ago? They still carry out the core function they were designed to do many years ago, but they have no agility to extend beyond their current purpose.

We call this a legacy system.

Despite being slow and cumbersome, the system still meets the brief for what it was originally built for. Because of this, it is essential to your day-to-day operations and is hard to part with and replace with a brand new 'out the box' system.

Having been in place for such a long time within a company, legacy systems often become deeply ingrained into organisations, which makes them difficult to replace without causing disruption or risk.

We keep your critical systems running smoothly
Unique strategy to meet your business needs

Unique strategy to meet your business needs

For more than 14 years, PSP has provided organisations across a range of sectors reliable with outsourced legacy system support. We help you regain control of your legacy software and improve its efficiency.

Our experienced development team will work with you to understand the current challenges of your legacy system and how it aligns with the rest of your business. From here, we will develop a bespoke support service to ensure your legacy system delivers exactly what you need.

One of the key benefits of outsourced legacy system support is that you're in control. Whether you're looking for full-time support, or simply an extension to your IT team, our friendly team will provide you with quick on-hand assistance to keep your critical systems running.


Bridge the skills gap

Businesses who rely on technology built on legacy code are starting to see a skills shortage for maintaining their IT systems. 

We've been approached by businesses who left the knowledge of their entire legacy software in the hands of one developer. When they moved on, the companies realised their developers left without proper documentation or hand-over, and they struggled to find new talent with knowledge of their legacy system.

By putting your legacy system in the hands of PSP, you are choosing a Microsoft Gold Partner who believes in full transparency and skill sharing. We document every detail about your system and ensure that knowledge of your applications is shared both internally and with your business.

Bridge the skills gap
Transform your legacy into a modern IT solution

Transform your legacy into a modern IT solution

  • Do you want to get more out of your current system without replacing it?
  • Do you want to be able to adapt more quickly to market change and business challenges?
  • Would you like to be able to automate tedious business tasks, such as data entry and invoice generation?

We understand a legacy system can still deliver the functionality it was designed to do. PSP IT can deliver you a successful legacy system modernisation project that will result in:

  • Removal of time-consuming tasks
  • Ability for you to integrate modern third- party applications
  • Saved money on running costs
  • More productive and happier workforce
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced performance
  • Significant ROI value, such as cloud computing, mobile accessibility and extractable data

Align Your Legacy System With Your Strategy

Growth is something every business looks for and is quite rightly celebrated when it happens. But growth is not always matched with a consistent and careful development of critical business systems. Instead, you are often left with outdated software that can't be extended to meet your new business demands and objectives. Or, you have separate third-party apps that have bolted on without proper integration.

With a modernised legacy system, many of your tasks can be automated. This means your staff will be more efficient and can focus on value-added tasks that help achieve business goals. You can also improve the ability of your system to integrate with third-party apps, reducing the time spent undertaking such operations.

There is no "out-the-box" solution to legacy modernisation. You need an expert who can assess the market trends in your industry and identify the right technology that can drive your business forward. When working with PSP, you have a team of business analysts, project managers, testers and developers at your disposal. We will analyse your organisation to ensure your legacy system aligns with your business goals.

Align Your Legacy System With Your Strategy
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