Outsourced Software Testing

Do you have problems with your applications, or have you just installed a new application and want it thoroughly tested for snags?

PSP's software testing services combine modern software testing techniques and practices with more than 120 years of combined experience to deliver reliable and dedicated software testing support.

Whether it's manual testing or automated testing, we provide reliable software QA (Quality Assurance) on mobile, desktop and web applications.

Businesses across many sectors - including supply chain management, logistics and chartered institutes - use our software testing services to improve their system functionality and ensure their products function properly across all platforms.

Legacy System Support

From cloud migration to on-premise systems, we have a proven track record in supporting and upgrading legacy systems to boost their security, dependability and ability to integrate with third-party apps.

We know that not all businesses are ready for new software. Some businesses rely on older software that still performs the core functions it was designed to do way back when. In this instance, you need a dependable supplier who can:

  • Keep your critical systems running seamlessly
  • Extend the shelf-life of your legacy system
  • Improve its integration capabilities
  • Bridge the skills gap in an ever-weakening legacy system talent pool

Bespoke Software Development

Custom business software that enhances your existing processes, optimises your efficiency and gives you a major edge over your competitors. Built on the cloud or on-premise.

Unlike many other development houses, we are proud to have an in-house team of developers who are certified in several coding languages and frameworks. We take time to understand your People, Systems and Process (PSP) to develop a truly bespoke solution that solves your problems and is perfectly aligned with your organisation.

Website Design & Development

Beautiful websites that feel great to use, convert leads and make your brand stand out online.

We offer a range of web design and development services, from creating sites that work on all devices, to integrating your CMS with your backend infrastructure. Our sites don't just look good; they're client-focused, customer-centric and are designed to convert your traffic.

Our web developers are highly skilled in making your brand stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Outsourced CTO Service

PSP’s Outsource CTO service is the final piece of your business jigsaw. We bridge the gap between your directors and the technical team, translating board-level requirements into a strategic and structured roadmap for your technical teams to follow.

Agile CTO as a Service is a cost-effective way to consolidate the full-time CTO role into part-time hours that work for your organisation.

IT System Integration

Is your business running multiple software and you need a way to bring everything together into one central system?

System integration is the process of joining separate software and hardware together into one unified infrastructure. This enables all your systems to work as one and provides you with one centralised place for your business systems. Resulting in:

  • Instant and easy access to real-time data
  • Reduced IT spend
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster decision making
  • More accurate data

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