Data Testing

We Ensure Meaningful Data

PSP's team of QA provide a set of solutions that fall under data testing. Decision-makers in an organisation rely on data to make strategic decisions, and it's our job to ensure you have the most effective and accurate data available to you. 

By eradicating bad data within your company, we can save you from huge revenue loss and guarantee the quality of the data that is presented across all levels. We will develop a customised data test strategy to identify errors in the system, the cause and location.


We Ensure Meaningful Data
Data Migration Testing

Data Migration Testing

Our systematic approach to migration testing verifies the data is transferred from your legacy system to the new system without disruption or downtime. We take the necessary steps to ensure there is no data loss and the integrity of your business data is not affected.

During data migration testing, we make sure that data from your existing system enters your new application correctly - such as field names, types, minimum/maximum values and mandatory fields. Our effective data migration testing approach guarantees there are no inconsistencies in your data (such as currency, date/time format and decimal points), and data entry is not duplicated.

Permission-Based Data Test

When companies hold sensitive and important information in their systems, it's important to set up user roles and permissions to control who has access to what data. There are many reasons why a business might want to restrict access to data, such as keeping staff/customer data secure, or disclosing company contracts, reports and finances.

Whether you are migrating your system with the same roles and permissions, or you're setting them up for the first time, you want to make sure the correct access is set up before giving your users access to the system.

At PSP, our team of software testers can execute systematic testing across your applications to make sure data is only granted to certain roles and permissions. We also check to make sure Admins can assign/remove permissions to users and if multiple roles/permissions can be added to individual users.

Permission-Based Data Test
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