Performance Testing

Prevent System Crashes

At PSP, we are experts in performance testing. This refers to analysing the speed, responsiveness and scalability of the application. We can ensure your application will still perform when faced with a high-level of traffic, requests and data.

Also known as “load testing” or “stress testing”, performance testing examines the system’s ability to cope with both expected and higher than expected levels of volumes.

The purpose of performance testing to identify problems that would cause a website or system to crash and address them before go-live.

Prevent System Crashes
Achieve Excellent Response times

Achieve Excellent Response times

A slow loading website can cost your business a host of issues. From a slow Google-page rank, to lost website traffic, there are loads of reasons why a site must load within three seconds. Similarly, an internal business system with a slow load time will affect your staff’s productivity and lead to more downtime.

Our performance testing reduces this risk by helping you to achieve good response times. This in turn will improve your user experience and help convert web traffic.

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing is a type of performance testing that determines your application’s ability to grow with your business. These tests will ensure your system can handle a higher number of users, workload, transactions and data.

When implementing a new application, you need peace of mind that it has the agility to scale-up with your business. Our QAs will ensure your system can meet higher demand and cope with extra users, more functionality and can be easily integrated with new software.

Scalability Testing
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