22nd July 2022

5 reasons why you shouldn't run your business on spreadsheets (and how to scrap them for good)

5 reasons why you shouldn't run your business on spreadsheets (and how to scrap them for good)

Are you still using spreadsheets to run your business?

We're regularly approached by businesses wanting to improve their automation and integration only to find they were managing almost everything through individual spreadsheets.

Their entire business was being managed by spreadsheet upon spreadsheet. Accounting, payroll, budgets, membership data, reporting, project management. You name it, they had a spreadsheet for it. It was eating into valuable work time having to manually update the spreadsheet and save it in the correct file location.

Some even had errors which was costing their business massively.

While they're easy to use and relatively simple to set up, they seriously hold back businesses. Not to mention, cause massive headaches for the ones using them.


Daily struggles

It gets complicated when staff are trying to juggle the data on multiple spreadsheets. The separate data needs to be gathered, collated, edited, stored, extracted and audited. This is so much easier when all you have all your data stored in one place.

  • How many times have you come across a spreadsheet with errors?
  • Has a member of your team saved over your work and now it's lost?
  • Have you ever found an error in the formula after you've done all your calculations?
  • Do you update the spreadsheet named marketing_budget_2022_final.xl or the one called marketing_budget_2022_new.xl

Here are five reasons why spreadsheets fall short:

  1. Historical data is not maintained (if someone saves over your copy, it's gone forever)
  2. Security and ease of access (who has access to the spreadsheets? Are there permissions/passwords set up to limit access?)
  3. Data is input into one spreadsheet to then be copied into other systems (this wasted time can be drastically reduced)
  4. Hard to scale up and grow with business (if your business grows, your tech should grow with it. Spreadsheets can't be scaled up)
  5. Difficult for sharing and working collaboratively (there's no excuse for this in today's hybrid workplace)


The solution?

The businesses we've spoken to have looked at adopting off-the-shelf (OTS) software such as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to finally scrap spreadsheets for good.

As good as this sounds on the surface, it's definitely not the best solution.

While OTS software appears cost-effective on the surface, it is mass produced and made for every and any company. This means it will carry features you don't need, making it cluttered with unnecessary features which are hard to navigate.

This is where we recommend a process that is much simpler and is completely tailored to their business needs. Our in-house development team are experts in developing systems that cut through the noise, is perfectly matched to the individual business and integrates with their other systems.


Let's talk

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Is your business running as efficiently as it should? Do you need a centralised business management system that will give you access to real time data and generate instant management reports?

PSP has more than 14 years' experience building bespoke software that streamlines business operations to help them finally scrap spreadsheets for good.

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