21st January 2015

5 Ways VISION CRM Can Save you Money!

5 Ways VISION CRM Can Save you Money!

VISION is PSP’s very own off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), designed and built to enable businesses to display, process, manipulate, and control all of your business information in one place.  

VISION CRM is a standard CRM platform with a suite of standard and customisable modules.  VISION will help reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service as well as integrating with your existing systems.  VISION CRM places focus on providing real-time perspectives from financial performance for CEO’s, through to individual's daily task management.  

The following are just five ways in which we use VISION and how it can be used to saved your business time and money.

1. Client & Contact Management

This is one of the key modules in VISION.  It allows you to capture client contact information and store in one central system for all users to find.  It also captures email activity between the company and contacts; this allows all users to see the latest correspondence.

The appointment functionality is setup for PSP’s sale visits, we enter the location, the attendees of the meeting and include other information such as the type of sales visit it is.  Once the sales meeting has been completed we add in information captured during the visit.

Any follow up actions that need to be completed against the visit can have a task setup against the client with due dates and the tasks section on the dashboard allows individual users to keep track of actions required.

Transactions such as subscriptions, exam fees, purchases, and much more, are stored against the Transactions tab within the client screen.  You can see the statuses of the transactions easily in the grid format e.g. paid, outstanding.  PSP uses this tab to store the invoices that have been raised against our clients.

The client company screen has been designed in blocks and tabs making it easy to understand and very user friendly to navigate.

Everything you need to know about a client is shown in one screen as standard, this enables users to find data/information quickly and efficiently.

2. Timesheet Management

This module allows businesses to capture employees time worked, including flexi-time management.  Time can be allocated to relevant client projects, admin tasks etc., providing an accurate record of the time it has taken to deliver a project this is then used by the system to display statistics as to whether or not the project was delivered to budget against time charged verses time used.

Data captured using timesheets allows businesses to analyse how much time is being spent on everyday tasks, projects, support contracts etc., with the ability to control working codes in the administration modules, giving greater flexibility to monitor the data you need, our main use of timesheets here at PSP is to capture time allocated against projects, this has saved copious amount of time as previously this was done using spreadsheet manipulation.  Now we can see in real time where our projects are, enabling reports to be run at the click of a button, which has greatly reduced if not eradicated the administration time spent collating data during a project.

This module also has flexi-time management this functionality means we can capture and calculate how much time employees need to work during a set period e.g. 4 weeks.

3. Finance

VISION has a basic Finance module; which has the ability to raise invoices against quotes.  The purchasing section can be enhanced to suit specific needs of a company, it allows all spending to be tracked against suppliers and depending on the type of user, can be shown in real time on the dashboard and daily or monthly reports can be exported and printed to various formats such as .xls, .pdf, .csv, etc.

PSP uses this module to raise quotes, issue invoices, track outstanding invoices and keeping track of our supplier purchases and petty cash.  Our invoices and quotes are created on built-in templates which can be seen in a preview window; these can then be emailed and/or printed directly from VISION.

With VISION the CEO can see in real time the profits PSP are making just by running a report.

4. Project Management

VISION’s Project Management module enables you to monitor whether projects are on target.  When setting a project up against a client, this allows you to add timelines, stakeholders and associated documents, these documents can be easily uploaded; for example part of our Quality procedure requires a criteria of critical information to be captured against each project as standard, which includes a number of documents to be attached to each project.  VISION has a tab dedicated to capturing set dates, for instance, when items were received or, do we need to action a new work instruction.

It also allows project risks/issues to be logged against a project; projects are stored against client records and enables stakeholders to be associated to each individual project.

Project Management module is linked to the Timesheet module; users can add their time against a project, which then calculates towards the actual cost of a project.

Project reporting is available and allows you to see at a glance how much time is left on the project/how much the project has cost (is it in/over budget).

PSP has saved a huge amount of administration time, which used to be done by Customer Services; this now allows Customer Services the ability to focus even more on our clients and the care we give them.

5. Dashboards and Reporting

We have tailored dashboards for individual users, allowing each employee to keep track of what they need to know and their tasks.

VISION’s reporting module has a vast amount of standard reports; these can be tailored to your needs, as well as bespoke reports which can be created just for your business.

We have all our departmental KPI measures stored in the system this means department managers can run a report at the beginning of the day to see their measure, no need to collate or manipulate data, which saves time.

Our monthly manager meeting reports on performance and quality are run from the system therefore department managers no longer need to spend days preparing for managers meetings it’s all there in real time.

Reports can be emailed, printed and exported in many different formats, such as Excel (.xls & .xlsx), Comma Separated Variable (.csv), Word (.doc & .docx), Portable Document File (.pdf) and many more, our KPI measures are shown as charts.

As with all development projects, system requirements vary depending on your business needs, we have a video of VISION which you can see here and we have a selection of case studies which show how VISION has been used in different ways.

VISION is capable of much more than just the above, to summarise this into one blog is very difficult, thank you for reading and we hope that you have found this information useful.

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